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A new stem cell advance

first_imgCollaborating with scientists from New York, Toronto, and Tokyo, Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) researchers have devised two methods for using stem cells to generate the type of neurons that help regulate behavioral and basic physiological functions in the human body, such as obesity and hypertension, as well as sleep, mood, and some social disorders.The work by Florian Merkle, Kevin Eggan, Alex Schier, and colleagues provides researchers, for the first time, with live hypothalamic neurons to use as targets for drug discovery and therapeutic cell-transplantation efforts for conditions related to stress, reproduction, puberty, and immune function, as hypothalamic neurons are often involved in those diseases as well.“Not only is this exciting because of the science involved,” said Merkle, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of HSCI principal faculty member Kevin Eggan, who pioneered disease in a dish technology, “but by being able to produce this one type of neuron we bring possible treatments for a wide range of conditions closer to the clinic.“The hypothalamus is an ancient structure of the brain,” said Merkle. “It’s very conserved, and that’s because it plays such a basic function.” Though it makes up only about 0.3 percent of the adult human brain, the hypothalamus serves as a regulator for numerous basic physiological functions.Thus far, research exploring the origin or process of hypothalamic dysfunction has been limited because researchers haven’t been able to observe live hypothalamic cells.Merkle and a team of scientists from HSCI, New York’s Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, and Japan’s RIKEN developed the two neuron-generating methods, “self-patterning” and “directed” differentiation, concurrently.The new work has been published in the journal Development.In his self-patterning approach, Merkle put 5,000 stem cells in a dish amid an environment conducive to survival and left them alone. Within a day, the cells would aggregate and “communicate with each other” to plan which stem cells would differentiate into which neural progenitors. The aggregate eventually differentiated into cells that, together, made a tissue-like structure similar to the hypothalamus.When asked how the two processes differed, Merkle said that during directed differentiation the researchers “are pushing [stem] cells very strongly, guiding them toward a particular fate, and not relying on them to do it themselves.” Merkle used small molecules to steer stem cell differentiation down a specific pathway.“I think that there is definitely more opportunity to explore and refine directed differentiation to make different regions within the hypothalamus,” said Merkle.While working on their approach, Merkle and his team consulted with Rudolph Leibel and Dieter Egli of Columbia University, who were at the same time developing a directed-differentiation technique that used different chemical cues and pathways. Within the last month, they published their work in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.“It really has not been possible to study these neurons before, and now we have an opportunity to do that,” said Merkle. “A lot has been done in mouse cells, but we don’t know how similar [to human cells] they really are. There could be important differences that are relevant to human disease.”The ability to create lab-grown hypothalamic neurons also creates opportunities for drug development and cell-replacement therapies.Researchers could use these new tools to grow hypothalamic neurons from patients with a specific disease. Studying the development and death from those neurons could provide researchers with the information necessarily to understand a disease’s origins.“There is a universe of diseases out there,” said Merkle. “And our ability to study them using these stem cells is fundamentally limited by our ability to make those cell types in a dish.”last_img read more

La Ceiba Port Dredging Kicks Off

first_imgCSD Inder 9, Image source: mppt.gob.veThe preparations for the Port of La Ceiba modernization program in Venezuela – part of the President Nicolás Maduro’s National Port System strengthening plan – are currently underway. This capital development scheme is set to kick off with the execution of dredging operations at this port terminal in Trujillo, the Venezuela’s Ministry of Ground Transport said in its latest release.The work, to be conducted with the cutter suction dredger (CSD) Inder 9, will allow the docking of larger vessels, increasing the frequency and volume of cargo to be transported from the Andean Region to any part of the world through the La Ceiba Port.Commenting the latest news, the General Manager of the Port of La Ceiba, Gabino Alonso, highlighted the necessity of this modernization program, adding that the port infrastructure needs to be optimal for the transfer of all agricultural and mining products, creating major benefits for the entire Pan American Axis and the Andean Region.last_img read more

Fury won’t fight Wilder until November — Promoter

first_imgRelatedPosts Tyson Fury to Anthony Joshua: Don’t risk fighting Usyk Anthony Joshua, Okolie plot world title double Anthony Joshua wants Tyson Fury, Wilder fight Promoter Frank Warren has ruled out the possibility of Tyson Fury facing Anthony Joshua in an undisputed heavyweight fight later this year.Fury is contractually obliged to face Wilder in a trilogy fight after his stunning seventh-round knockout victory over the American in February. Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, had mooted the idea of step-aside money being offered to Wilder to enable the British pair to meet for all the heavyweight belts this year.“No offers have been made,” Warren told punching.tv. “As far as Tyson’s concerned, no offers whatsoever have been made to Wilder or his team.“At the moment, there is a contract in place that has to be honoured.”Fury was set to rematch Wilder in Las Vegas in July before the coronavirus outbreak, with the bout now unlikely to take place “until October or November”, according to Warren.“I hope it does (happen). For the sake of British sport and British boxing,” Warren said of a potential clash with Joshua. ”It’s something everybody wants to see happen. I want to see it happen because we’ve all got opinions on who we think we feel will win. “I feel that Tyson has the beating of him as I always felt from day one that Tyson always had the beating of Deontay Wilder – and was proved twice – albeit the first fight he didn’t get the decision – he was cheated.“I think if we can get them in the ring the same thing will happen with AJ. I think Tyson has the beating of him as well.”Tags: Anthony JoshuaDeontay WilderEddie HearnFrank WarrenTyson Furylast_img read more

Tiger Woods not worried about PGA preparation as he eyes 16th major

first_imgPGA ODDS: Expert picks, Tiger prop betsIn his long-awaited return last month, Woods finished 15 strokes adrift of champion Jon Rahm and tied for 40th. The former world No. 1 struggled with a stiff back that has proven troublesome in recent years following surgery.Woods is now in San Francisco for the PGA at TPC Harding Park, where the four-time winner will play alongside Rory McIlroy and new No. 1 Justin Thomas in Thursday’s opening round (11:33 a.m. ET tee time) behind closed doors because of COVID-19.Tee times for the @PGAChampionship are [email protected] @McIlroyRory @JustinThomas34 @JonRahmpga @PhilMickelson @TheSergioGarcia @RickieFowler @b_dechambeau @AdamScott @BKoepka @ShaneLowryGolf @GaryWoodland https://t.co/cRLDYR1ZjE— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) August 4, 2020The 44-year-old Woods shrugged off the lack of spectators for the first major of 2020, telling reporters: “As far as the focus part of it, I haven’t had a problem with that. Those four [Memorial] rounds, I was pretty into it.”It’s different than most of the times when you go from green-to-tee, people yelling or trying to touch you. That part is different. As far as energy while I’m competing and playing, no, that’s the same. I’m pretty intense when I play and pretty into what I’m doing.”I don’t know if anyone in our generation has ever played without fans in a major championship. It’s going to be very different. But it’s still a major championship. It’s still the best players in the world. We all understand that going into it, so there’s going to be plenty of energy from the competitive side.”Woods added: “I feel good. Obviously I haven’t played much competitively, but I’ve been playing a lot at home. So I’ve been getting plenty of reps that way . . . the results that I’ve seen at home, very enthusiastic about some of the changes I’ve made and so that’s been positive. “Just trying to get my way back into this part of the season. This is what I’ve been gearing up for. We’ve got a lot of big events starting from here, so looking forward to it. This is going to be a fun test for all of us. The rough is up. Fairways are much narrower than they were here in 2009.”2018 – 2019 – @BKoepka goes for three in a row at @TPCHardingPark. pic.twitter.com/W3wvMUjk21— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) August 4, 2020Brooks Koepka will start his bid for a PGA Championship three-peat alongside fellow American Gary Woodland and Irishman Shane Lowry at 11:11 ET, 22 minutes before Woods is scheduled to tee off.Dethroned world No. 1 Rahm, 2005 champion Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia have been grouped together and will get their campaigns underway at 4:58 p.m. ET, while Jordan Spieth, Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson comprise another notable group. Tiger Woods has no concerns over his preparation for the PGA Championship. He’s in a confident mood as he chases a 16th major title.Woods has only made one competitive appearance since the PGA Tour resumed amid the coronavirus pandemic in June — the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village.last_img read more

Fleury’s mysterious injury could be the playoff gift the Sharks need

first_imgSAN JOSE — Sharks fans are all too familiar with the emotions that Vegas Golden Knights followers must be experiencing right now. They’ve been caught in their own bubble of worry since Erik Karlsson hobbled down the tunnel in Boston on Feb. 26.As the Sharks anxiously await Karlsson and Joe Pavelski’s return from injury, their likely opponent in the first round of the playoffs is also facing uncertainty regarding the health of a key cog in their machine. Marc-André Fleury will miss his seventh …last_img

Is Bryan College Caving on Adam and Eve?

first_imgProfessors protest clarification of a Christian college’s statement of belief that affirms “creation” includes a literal Adam and Eve.According to an AP story posted on the Times News, professors overwhelmingly voted “no confidence” in a trustees’ “clarification” of its creation stance that “states that Adam and Eve were historical people who were not created from previously existing life forms.”  The vote was 30-2 against the clarification by some of its 44 professors.According to the news article, the professors objected more to the process employed than to the statement itself.  The trustees respond that it was a statement of “clarification,” not a change to the statement of belief, which is supposed to be unalterable.  It would seem Bible-believing professors, though, would welcome the clarification.  World Magazine explains that some of the professors are cozying up with the theistic evolution staff of Biologos Foundation; that’s why they object to the clarification.Bryan College’s Statement of Belief is an eight-point doctrinal statement adopted at the time of the school’s founding in 1930. According to the school’s charter, the belief statement cannot be amended or changed, and trustees, officers, faculty, and staff must affirm it once a year. The fourth point in the statement says the school believes “that the origin of man was by fiat of God in the act of creation as related in the Book of Genesis; that he was created in the image of God; that he sinned and thereby incurred physical and spiritual death.”Such a clear statement seems self-explanatory.  The trustees explain why they felt the clarification was necessary:Last month, the board of trustees adopted the following “clarification” statement: “We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve. They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms.”Board Chairman John Haynes told me the clarification is not an amendment to the Statement of Belief, which may not be altered. “We are clarifying one point in the Statement of Belief, which has to do with the creation of Adam and Eve,” he said. “We’re saying this is the intent of that statement.”Asked why the board felt it was necessary to make such a clarification at this time, Haynes simply said, “There seems to be some question as to the intent of the Statement of Belief. That’s the bottom line.”The Blaze includes a video clip from the Chattanooga Times that claims professors are being “forced” to sign the clarification, and that students and alumni are joining in the protest on the grounds of “academic freedom.”  The Blaze article states, though, that professors are being given opportunity to comment on the statement.Bryan College is named after William Jennings Bryan, who defended the Bible and creation in the famous Scopes Trial of 1925 in the college’s hometown, Dayton, Tennessee.  Its motto is “Christ above all.”For one thing, all readers should be skeptical of the Associated Press.  AP has an agenda and is fully capable of spinning facts to present a desired narrative.  New Republic‘s article is even more biased, calling Bryan College an “extremely conservative” school that believes in “Biblical literalism,” making it sound like an inquisition is going on: “A Tennessee College is Forcing its Faculty to Swear They Believe Adam and Eve Existed.”  World Magazine is a much more trustworthy source.If the professors are, in fact, objecting to belief in a real Adam and Eve, it’s a judgment on their scholarship, not on the Bible.  People need to understand that academics are some of the worst people in the world when it comes to groupthink.  Nobody in academia wants to be an outsider.  Since progressivist liberals have taken over the universities of this country (and progressivism is built on the evolutionary worldview), the few stalwart Christian colleges feel that isolation.If the Bible-compromising profs want to go, let them go.  Good riddance.  They applied knowing what the college believes.  They already signed a statement that God created man “by fiat” according to Genesis, and that “he” sinned, and that death was the judgment of that sin (not millions of years of death before he evolved).  They should know that Jesus Christ believed in a literal Adam and Eve, a literal Fall, a literal Noah and a literal Flood.  So did Paul and the apostles.  If the professors love the world more than the Lord, let them go to the disgraced halls of secularism where terrorists are praised, where sexual orgies are promoted, and where conservatives are shouted down in the name of “free speech.”  Let them sit in the gates of Sodom, and take part in its judgment, if togetherness with the mob is what they desire.As for their crocodile tears over “academic freedom,” what a laugh!  Darwinists with their DODO Policy are the worst intolerant bigots anywhere in the ivy-walled ivory towers.  Look how many innocent scholars have had their careers ruined by the Darwin Party (partial list on Evolution News & Views).  Dare to doubt the Darwin religion, and you are at great risk, whether you are a professor, reporter, or employee involved with secular science.  Oh, the irony!   The poor, narrow-minded bigots “will be afraid to teach alternative creation theories.”  Good grief.  Try presenting any non-DODO alternative at Ball State or George Mason and watch the war erupt.  We hope Bryan College will stand its ground, proud and free against the intolerant Darwin bigots (we need to call them what they are).If the profs go, the lines are drawn.  Then we can debate them as secularists on the evidence.  Let the theistic evolutionists defend the sorry record of human evolution (3/07/14).  Let them explain upright, big-brained humans going hundreds of thousands of years grunting in caves rather than building cities or inventing technology.  Let them explain the genetic evidence that not only supports the Genesis account (Thomas, ICR), but makes the secular millions-of-years story untenable (Jeanson, ICR).  Let the Darwin-worshiping idolators force every Darwin-contradicting fact into Charlie’s myth.  Let them toss their Bibles into the trash and show their true loyalty to Darwin-Baal (9/26/03, 9/14/07, 4/07/10).  Better that than have them pretend to ascribe to “Christ above all.”Tip link:  See Keaton Halley’s answer at CMI to the question, “Does the Bible trump all evidence?” (Visited 30 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Limpopo takes World Cup to rural areas

first_imgMakhadi said that, because of the large numbers of people expected to visit the Thohoyandou Stadium, councillors would be asked to identify people who will watch the games. Thohoyandou Stadium 25 May 2010 “This money will be a huge boost to taxi operators, and I hope they will smile all the way to the bank,” provincial Roads and Transport Minister Pinkie Kekana said in Polokwane this week. “The department will contract 1 250 taxis in total for the five selected viewing areas.” She said taxi operators would have to have complied with the taxi recapitalisation programme and own vehicles less than three years old to qualify for accreditation. The vehicles would also have to pass visual roadworthy inspection tests. Community member Azwinndini Masikhwa, of Tshenzhelani village outside Mutale, said it would be once-in-lifetime experience for him to be part of the people watching games in Thohoyandou’s public viewing area because he had no electricity at home. “We were worried because we’ve been excluded from watching many historic events before, but now we are happy that the provincial government has remembered us,” Masikhwa said. Each of Limpopo’s five districts has one public viewing area, which will give rural communities that cannot afford tickets the opportunity of watching all the matches during the month-long tournament.center_img Once-in-a-lifetime experience Department spokesperson Ronald Makhadi said a few last touch-ups were being done to the public viewing venues. “Come 11 June, we will be more than ready,” he said. Limpopo’s Department of Roads and Transport has set aside more than R25-million for taxi operators to ferry soccer fans from rural areas to the province’s public viewing areas during the 2010 Fifa World Cup™. “Because we expect large numbers of people to visit the stadium, we want groups to give each other a chance – those who attended today should allow another group do so the following day,” he said. In the Vhembe district, rural communities are expected to converge in larger numbers on the refurbished and upgraded Thohoyandou Stadium in the Thulamela local municipality. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Women’s monument unveiled in Tshwane

first_img10 August 2016The Women’s Living Heritage Monument, unveiled by President Jacob Zuma onWomen’s Day 9 August 2016, commemorates the story of women’s contribution tothe liberation struggle and features four statues of the heroic stalwarts, LillianNgoyi, Sophia Williams-de Bruyn, Helen Joseph and Rahima Moosa.2. TheWomen’s Living Heritage Monument at Lillian Ngoyi Square in PTA #WomensDay pic.twitter.com/CG0TDX8HEQ—#ThankYouLimpopo (@ANCLimpopo) August 9,2016The four women led a peaceful protest march to the Union Buildings in 1956,with thousands of women from all parts of the country. The women delivered apetition to the then Prime Minister, JG Strijdom, against carrying a pass book,referred to as a dom pass in Afrikaans, meaning “dumb pass”. They also marched against the degradation of African women. This Women’s Day marked the 60th anniversary of the march.The monument also includes a leadership development and training centre, anddedicated walls for murals, artworks and artefacts that tell the stories of women’sstruggles throughout the South Africa’s history.Susan Shabangu, the Minister of Women in the Presidency, said the event wasan emotional reflection on what women have done to take the country from whereit was to where it is today.“Women once more are gathered here to witness the opening of the livingmonument, where people can see the contribution of women across colour lines,”the minister said in her presentation.Shabangu asked women, particularly young women, to visit the monument inorder to reflect and inform their destiny, adding that “the women of the 1956 marchplayed their role and today we have a Constitution which includes what womenfought for”.She said it is up to the young South African women of today to protect theConstitution and ensure human rights, especially women’s rights, are not violated.Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, African Union Commission chairpersonNkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and the last surviving march leader De Bruyn, wereamong those who attended the unveiling and toured the monument.Sophie De Bruyn standing next to her statue unveiled at Lillian NgoyiSquare #TellHerStory #WomensDay pic.twitter.com/xpYIflHZK4— SAGov News (@SAgovnews) August 9,2016De Bruyn told EWN News that the monument and recognition of the struggle ofwomen during apartheid gave her great joy, particularly seeing how far womenhave come in advancing their rights since 1956.“Today when I see what they’ve achieved, they’ve achieved a lot. They canchoose their own professions, they can choose anything they want to do, and I oftensay to them that it’s no longer a case of the sky being the limit. But you can gobeyond the sky because you can even become an astronaut.”#WomensDay2016 These women were among the thousands whomarched on August 9 1956. DB. pic.twitter.com/4XLKns6dUl—EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) August 9,2016Also in attendance were a number of women who were part of the original 1956march.Mita Motlolometsi marched 60 years ago and had come to witness the unveilingof the monument.She said the day was an emotional one for her because she had witnessedhistory unfold around her over the last six decades, particularly since 1994. She feltproud that she had been a small part of bringing change to the country.However, while commending the interventions made by democracy to empower black people, Motlolometsi said that women and, especially elderly women, were not fully liberated yet.Motlolometsi hopes there will be more efforts made by the country to unite,respect and liberate the nation’s women.Source: South African Government News Agency Southafrica.info reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SouthAfrica.info materiallast_img read more

PBA teams not obliged to lend players to PH squad for Champs Cup, says Reyes

first_imgFolayang to defend ONE title vs Nguyen at MOA Arena Reyes will call the shots for the PH team in the upcoming 2017 Fiba Asia Champions Cup in Chenzhou, China with the team largely made up of amateur standouts.“This tourney was not part of the discussion with the PBA. To be fair to the PBA, they have no obligations to this team,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutOf the 12-man roster, Carl Bryan Cruz, LA Revilla, Norbert Torres, and Alfrancis Tamsi are the only players who have existing contracts in the PBA, while Almond Vosotros, Jeric Teng, and Gab Banal are currently free agents.Reyes also understands why Alaska and GlobalPort are hesitant to lend players like Calvin Abueva and Terrence Romeo. Chot Reyes. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netBefore any criticism against the PBA is thrown, coach Chot Reyes is the first to absolve the league from lending its players to Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas.“When we put this together, this wasn’t even in the plan,” Reyes said Tuesday during the team’s sendoff at Discovery Suites Hotel in Mandaluyong.ADVERTISEMENT LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight “The agreement we had with the PBA is if their tournament is over, we can get them. Calvin and Terrence showed up in our first practice, but I told them that they shouldn’t be here and I was serious with that,” he said.“This is a club championship, not a national team competition.”The team leaves for Chenzhou on Wednesday.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa MOST READ Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City View comments Read Next E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad last_img read more

Teammates support Noah Spence despite offfield issues

OSU junior defensive lineman Noah Spence walks out of the team’s fall camp hotel, the Hyatt Place Columbus on Yard Strett, Aug. 7.Credit: Tim Moody / Sports editorWhen news broke that Ohio State junior defensive lineman Noah Spence had failed his second drug test, some believed he had made his last appearance in a scarlet and gray uniform.While that could still be the case, coach Urban Meyer doesn’t seem ready to give up on the Pennsylvania native just yet.“I’ve been criticized for many years about (how) I treat these guys like they’re my kid, and I’m not a big fan of dismissal,” Meyer said Monday. “I just don’t do that very often. It’s gotta be a severe one (situation), where you’re hurting someone else.”Spence, who was a first team All-Big Ten selection by the media in 2013, was suspended for three games in January for testing positive for ecstasy. After sitting out the 2014 Orange Bowl, Spence also sat out the first two games of this season.The defensive lineman was set to return for the Buckeyes’ third game of the season against Kent State, however, until the news of a second failed drug test surfaced less than 24 hours before the game. The failed test resulted in another violation of OSU and Big Ten rules, leaving Spence sidelined indefinitely.Meyer said along with his staff, he’s trying to do what’s best for Spence.“We’re doing our very best to (see) what the future holds for Noah, I have no idea, but to throw him to the street, I didn’t feel like that was appropriate just yet,” Meyer said. “And we’re going to do the best we can to help a guy that was a academic All-Big Ten, good student, great family, that has a problem, and it’s our job to help him, and I don’t think you will ever see our staff ever do that, say you’re out, in that kind of situation.”Junior linebacker Joshua Perry said Monday that he and the rest of his team are trying to support Spence as much as possible.“This is a time where you gotta surround him with people who care,” Perry said. “You can’t abandon him. I think that guys on our team understand that he is dealing with a really tough thing in his life. To be around him, I think, has made a difference.”While Meyer acknowledged that Spence is no longer practicing with the team, Perry said members of the team have made a concerted effort to keep Spence a part of the Buckeyes.“Guys will go out of their way to say hi to him or visit him at his apartment,” Perry said. “I think it is the right thing to do and you got a group of guys, especially on our defense, who care a lot about him. We want to be there to help him.”The Buckeyes’ next game — with or without Spence — is scheduled for Saturday against the Cincinnati Bearcats. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at Ohio Stadium. read more