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Agency Sees Solar and Battery-Storage Costs Falling 60% Over Next Decade

first_imgAgency Sees Solar and Battery-Storage Costs Falling 60% Over Next Decade FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:Solar power costs will fall by another 60 percent over the next decade giving an already booming market another boost, the head of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) said on Monday.Solar power is in the midst of boom because of sharp drops in costs and efficiency improvements, pushing global capacity from virtually zero at the start of the century to 300 gigawatt (GW) by the end of 2016, a figure expected to rise again by 2020.Irena expects 80 to 90 GW of new solar capacity, enough to power more than 8 billion LED light bulbs, to be added globally each year over the next 5 to 6 years, Adnan Amin, the director general of Irena told Reuters, exceeding a forecast of 73 GW from the International Energy Agency (IEA).“This could easily accelerate as costs decline in the future,” said Amin. “China alone can do 50 GW a year.”“In the next decade, the cost of (utility scale) solar could fall by 60 percent or more,” he said in Singapore on Monday.That growth will mark China as the world’s biggest and fastest growing solar market as Beijing relies on renewable power to cut air pollution from coal-fired power plants.While Amin said that India would also see sharp solar growth in coming years, he expected Southeast Asia to be more mixed.“There is a target of 23 percent (power generation) in ASEAN for renewables by 2025. We think it’s ambitious but it’s achievable,” he said.The solar power share of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) 10 members is currently negligible.Amin said improvements in solar technology were especially expected from thin films, which can be applied on windows. While this is already possible, it remains prohibitively expensive.Irena also expects the cost of batteries, key to back up a technology that relies on daytime, to fall by 60 percent to 70 percent in the next decade.Despite its boom, Amin said potential U.S. trade barriers would only make solar energy more costly for the world’s largest oil consumer.U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce by early next year whether to take measures to limit imports after the U.S. International Trade Commission found in September that domestic panel makers had been harmed by cheap imports.“It’s not always the best strategy to try to protect your industry and have high prices. Because in the long-term what you want to do is drive down the cost of energy,” Amin said.More: Solar costs to fall further, powering global demand – Irenalast_img read more

Green Bonds Hit Record Total $155 Billion In 2017

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:LONDON—Global green bond issuance hit a record $155.5 billion in 2017, surpassing previous estimates, and could reach $250 billion-$300 billion this year, research from the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) shows.Issuance last year was 78 percent higher than 2016’s $87.2 billion and well above the CBI’s estimate in December of $130 billion. The United States, China and France accounted for 56 percent of total issuance in 2017, according to the CBI, a London-based non-profit organisation which certifies the green credentials of bonds.Fannie Mae was the largest overall issuer in the United States, with $24.9 billion from its green Mortgage Backed Securities programme.Green bonds are a growing category of fixed-income securities, which raise capital for projects with environmental benefits. There were 10 new entrants to the market last year: Argentina, Chile, Fiji, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.Although green bonds make up a small fraction of the overall bond market, they are attracting more attention because meeting emissions-cut targets will require trillions of dollars of capital from public and private sectors. The most common use of proceeds from green bonds last year was on renewable energy but investment in low-carbon buildings and energy efficiency rose in 2017, the CBI said.More: Green Bonds Hit Record Total $155 Billion In 2017last_img read more

Annual PV installations top 10 GW in India for first time

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Tech:India installed more than 10 GW of solar during the financial year 2017/18 for the first time ever, according to the latest Solar Map from consultancy firm Bridge to India.Of the 10.4 GW deployed, 9.1GW was in utility-scale capacity, a rise of 72% over the previous year and more than all other sources combined (coal 4.6 GW, wind 1.7 GW). Open access solar also grew dramatically by 1.7 GW, up 275% year-on-year. Total PV capacity had reached 24.4GW as of March this year.Karnataka now leads the pack of states having had a blockbusting year with 4.1GW deployed. It is followed by Telangana, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.Adani, ReNew and Acme were the top three developers with total installed capacity of 2.3 GW during the year.Canadian Solar (12.9% market share), JA Solar (11.4%) and Trina Solar (7.9%) were the top three module suppliers in the year. Tata Power Solar was the only Indian firm to make the top 10 and domestic firms had just 11.42% market share, which is pertinent given reports today that power minister R.K. Singh intends to make future bids for renewables have up to a 50% manufacturing component. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has also touted the idea of a 100 GW tender to be linked with manufacturing in the future, although Bridge to India’s weekly newsletter this week described the idea as “lacking in credibility”.According to the Solar Map, rooftop capacity reached 2.4 GW as of March 2018 with just over 1 GW estimated to have been installed in FY 2017-18. Meanwhile, off-grid solar installations reached 691 MW with capacity addition of 217 MW in the year.More: India added 10.4 GW of solar in 2017/18 – Bridge to India Annual PV installations top 10 GW in India for first timelast_img read more

Australia’s BHP to cut its own carbon emissions, push customers to follow suit

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Sydney Morning Herald:Australia’s biggest miner, BHP, will become the world’s first to set goals for its customers to cut greenhouse gas emissions, with an ambitious carbon pledge targeting shippers, steel mills and power plants.Under a decarbonisation plan, the first of its kind by a major miner, BHP chief Andrew Mackenzie unveiled a $500 million initiative to tackle its own emissions and emissions generated beyond its mine gates from the customers that use its products such as coal and iron ore.Although mining giants worldwide are striving to curb their direct greenhouse emissions, the industry has been reluctant to tackle the emissions caused by customers from the use of their resources – known as “Scope 3” emissions – which are much greater than those caused by miners’ operations.“These emissions are generated as customers transport, transform and use our products to serve the needs of billions of people,” Mr. Mackenzie said in London on Tuesday. “They are almost 40 times higher than the emissions from our own operations.”BHP’s move on Tuesday comes as the industry faces mounting pressure over climate-related risks from activist groups and institutional investors such as superannuation funds all around the world.“It’s a big move for such a major mining company,” said Tim Buckley of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, a pro-renewable energy think tank. “You might be digging it up, but it’s not your coal plant that’s actually burning it – so this is acknowledging that the product they are producing is a major contributor to global carbon emissions.”More: BHP sets emissions cuts for customers in major carbon push Australia’s BHP to cut its own carbon emissions, push customers to follow suitlast_img read more

China to finance 500MW of renewable energy development in Bangladesh

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:The Chinese government will finance 500 MW of renewable energy generation capacity in One Belt, One Road member state Bangladesh, 450 MW of it solar.The two countries are today due to sign a memorandum of understanding for a joint venture company to develop solar capacity in Bangladesh’s northern districts of Pabna, Sirajganj and Gaibandha plus wind power generation near the port of Payra, in the south.Bangladesh’s North-West Power Generation Company Limited and China’s National Machinery Import and Export Corporation will establish Bangladesh-China Power Company (Pvt.) Limited Renewables to develop the projects, with Bangladesh said to be providing land and China an estimated $500 million investment.The projects would almost double Bangladesh’s current clean energy capacity, which stands at 601 MW. Almost 368 MW of that figure comes from solar, of which 71.86 MW is grid connected.Although the 20 MW solar facility in the Teknaf sub-district which came online in September is the largest solar project in the country to date, the Bangladesh government has approved plans for 1 GW of renewables capacity with projects up to 200 MW in scale. The south Asian nation aims to produce 10 per cent of its electricity from renewables by next year.More: China to fund 450 MW of solar capacity in Bangladesh China to finance 500MW of renewable energy development in Bangladeshlast_img read more

Trail Mix | James Justin & Co.

first_imgOn the long list of really nice guys I have met in the years I have been writing about music, Justin Burke just might occupy the top spot. Few musicians, at least to my witness, pursue the process of music making with a smile as big as Justin’s, and one cannot help but be overwhelmed by his good nature.Ever since being turned on to James Justin & Co. many years ago by a fellow writer at another publication, I have been a big, big fan of what Justin and his mates, Tom Propst and Bailey Horsley, have done with their take on bluegrassy acoustic music.Though the band is now in a state of flux – Horsley recently announced he was leaving to pursue other interests – James Justin & Co. are out promoting the recent release of their new record, Social Animals. Following in the vein of their previous records, this collection of tunes is awash with jubilant positivity and instrumental prowess.I recently had the chance to catch up with Justin Burke to chat about the new record and his spirit animal.BRO – Love the album cover. You guys channeling your spirit animals?JB – I actually took a spirit animal quiz and it said I was a llama. And this really terrible photo of a llama, drooling, came up and I was certain there had to be a mistake. I thought for sure I was going to be a great white shark. I’ve always been intrigued by them. During a recording session for “Make Me Howl,” I pulled up the grey wolf on Wikipedia and began talking on the track, making a soliloquy in the booth. One take, and it was such an inspirational part of the record. It sparked the album title, cover, and overall vibe.BRO – When you and I were chatting, you described the new record as some of your best work yet. What sets this record above the others?JB – The adventure. A lot of the album was done in one take, and sometimes that can bite you, but in these sessions it puts the listener in the studio with us. For c, on “The Break,” I messed up the intro twice, took a breath, then laid out an epic take, and we put it all on the record. We brought in producer Ricardo Carrillo, and he had some great suggestions about leaving things in and taking things away, and he also played a few synth and beat tracks on the record.BRO – You have put together a cool little side project called Pretty Heavy. Tell me about it.JB – Man, it’s exactly what it says. It’s pretty and it’s heavy. I’ve been itching to get back on the electric and the big rig with all my toys. We’re having a blast and actually building a great fan base organically. We’ll definitely be playing more shows and hopefully putting out an album this year.BRO – We are featuring “Energy” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?JB – Sonically, it has the entire vibe of the album rolled into one song. Bailey said it should be the first track and he was exactly right. It’s the perfect intro to the album. It’s all about the live energy between us and our fans. They are the only reason we exist, so we had to honor that relationship. The line, “We can’t wait to come to your town and lift you off your feet again, that’s energy, and music all around,” just says it all.BRO – You, Tom, or Bailey . . . which one of you is the most social animal?JB –  I guess I would say all three of us have own spirit, socially. A bear, a fox, and a wolf.You can catch James Justin & Co. this weekend at The Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia, and you can bet that you’ll hear a healthy dose of the brand new tunes on Social Animals.For a free stream of the new record, or to download your own copy, check out the band’s website.Be sure to check out “Energy,” along with nineteen other great new tunes, on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Boating In DC “All paddling, no politics!”

first_imgWhether you are looking to rent a boat for the day or want access all summer- Boating in DC is the best way to get on the water! To learn more visit Though rentals vary by location, our boathouses offer everything from kayaks to stand-up paddleboards, sailboats to skulls, and hydro bikes to pedal boats. It’s all paddling, no politics with Boating In DC and its multiple locations in the Washington DC Area. Whether you’re looking for a weekend gateway, weekday releases, or a place to spend quality time with friend or family on the Potomac, Boating in DC has the boathouse for you! Each boathouse has a variety of different boats, classes, and tours.  They are staffed by friendly and experienced instructors who are crazy about boating, are there to make sure that your time on the water is fun, safe, and exciting, even if you and your family have never been on a boat before!center_img In addition to rentals, they offer unique tours, adult lessons, and youth sailing day camps. And be sure to sign up for one a value-packed Season Pass that make it easy to get out on the water all summer long and include perks like half-off tours and buddy pass rentals!last_img read more

FBI Provides Weapons Training During Tradewinds 2010

first_imgBy Dialogo April 23, 2010 They are friends on the sidelines, but foes the instant they step directly in front of each other only 10-15 feet apart, staring eye to eye. Under the watchful eyes of an FBI agent instructor and fellow students, they receive the command to draw their weapons and point their muzzles at the person that only a few moments ago was sitting next to them in the classroom. During the multinational exercise Tradewinds 2010 in Belize, the FBI is adding to the 6,000 international law enforcement officers they train annually around the world. Tradewinds is a U.S. Southern Command-sponsored annual exercise conducted in the region designed to improve responses to regional security threats. This year’s joint, combined interagency exercise is being held in Belize and Jamaica April 12 – 26. The exercise includes more than 400 military and security personnel from 15 Caribbean Basin nations, the United Kingdom and the United States. Price Barracks is one of a multitude of training sites the FBI visits across the globe furthering relationships with Caribbean Basin partner nation security forces, explained Michael Parmigiani, a supervisory special agent with the FBI. “We elevate their heart rate and put them under realistic pressure in the simulations so they can take the lessons learned to the street,” said Sam Mullins, a supervisory special agent with the FBI’s international training and assistance unit. With simulation rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber, the students have less than a second to react and shoot the enemy — or be eliminated themselves. “In my head, over and over, I’m planning what I’m going to do once I draw that weapon,” said Marine Cpl. James Medley, a military policeman, Military Police Company A from Lexington, KY. “It’s mostly instinct once it actually happens, but I’m just hoping I don’t get shot.” Two Marines, alongside soldiers from 15 Caribbean partner nations had the chance to receive training from multiple, experienced FBI agents during Tradewinds. The agents, who specialize in various fields, bring decades of real-life experience to students who are participating in mock-drills using sim rounds.last_img read more

World Bank Gives $15 Million to Fight Haiti Cholera

first_imgBy Dialogo January 20, 2011 The World Bank announced on 18 January a $15 million grant to Haiti to fight a persistent cholera epidemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 3,700 people since October. The funds, said the organization in statement, will go towards public campaigns to prevent infection and increase the capacity of Haiti’s health ministry to deal with the emergency. The World Bank approved an extra $5 million grant to go with $10 million first pledged in October to make a total donation of $15 million to combat the health crisis, the statement said. After the January 2010 earthquake, the World Bank Group committed 479 million dollars to the first 24 months of reconstruction, the body said, adding that a year later two thirds of the pledge has been delivered. Haiti’s cholera death toll has risen to 3,838, according to government figures, in what is a persistent but apparently declining daily death toll. The figure marks the total since the outbreak was first discovered in mid-October up to January 11. Total infections rose to 188,967 in Haiti, including 105,827 people who have been treated in hospital.last_img read more

USS Thach Completes Southern Seas 2011

first_img Guided-missile frigate USS Thach (FFG 43) returned to her homeport of San Diego, Calif., after six months in Central and South America for the Southern Seas 2011 deployment. Thach Sailors participated in three major multinational exercises, made port visits to seven countries and worked first-hand with international sailors and communities throughout the deployment. “Southern Seas is significantly different from Thach’s last two deployments,” said Cmdr. Jeff Scudder, Thach’s commanding officer. “For the crew, it was a welcome chance to increase friendships with our fellow mariners from the navies of the Western Hemisphere – a rare opportunity we were all excited to have.” As part of the Southern Seas deployment, Thach participated in the Atlantic and Pacific phases of UNITAS 52 and PANAMAX 2011. Each of the exercises provided Sailors the opportunity to work and train side-by-side with sailors of the Latin American navies and build relationships. The relationships that develop from this exercise helped foster cooperation and understanding between participating countries. “The exercises enhanced and demonstrated the Navy’s commitment to addressing regional challenges that require cooperative action with the nations of the Americas,” said Scudder. “Through emphasizing interoperability and cooperative exercises, Thach positively contributed to global partnerships.” Ashore, Sailors experienced the cultural diversity and rich heritage found in Central and South America during the many port calls in the countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Panama and El Salvador. In each country, Sailors participated in local ceremonies, military-to-military subject matter expert exchanges and sporting events. “It’s important for the Navy to conduct military-to-military engagements with our Central and South American partners to improve interoperability and share tactics, techniques and procedures with respect to maritime security operations,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ronnie Mangsat, Thach’s executive officer. “We proved that different cultures can find commonality in the ways we operate and that’s the essence of interoperability – the ability to find a common ground on which we can lay the foundation for continued and future operations.” Sailors volunteered in several community relations projects, such as painting and repairing local schools, orphanages, churches and parks. Thach was also responsible for transporting and delivering stuffed animals donated though Loving Hugs and pallets of medical and hygiene supplies donated by Project Handclasp. By Dialogo September 21, 2011last_img read more