Bishop Pokolo Claims ‘Impediment of the Devil’

first_imgThe embattled Bishop David K. Pokolo of the Prince of Peace Temple United Church of God Incorporated of Gaye Town, Sinkor has blamed the devil for what caused him to lose US$43,000 that he has not been able to repay.American Malachi B. Jones in August 2013, after a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), wired US$43,000 that he had taken from his American Christian friends in Florida, USA, into a bank account for Bishop Pokolo.The funds were intended for a ‘Fish Project’ initiated by Bishop Pokolo to raise funds for the church, but Bishop Pokolo has not been able to live up to the MOU.Jones’ persistent emails (copies of which are in the possession of this newspaper) to Bishop Pokolo for repayment has forced Bishop Pokolo to find a reason why he has been unable to start repaying the borrowed money.Bishop Pokolo wrote: “The major point in the matter is that you need the funds (U$43,000) back. I have no intention to take the funds as you may be thinking. It is a curse to take anything that doesn’t belong to you.“What I would suggest is that you cease making threatening statements because they mean nothing to me as far as this deal is concerned. The time we are taking to exchange letters of insult, we could [better use] to pray for forward movement so that you can be at peace likewise myself.“Therefore be calm and stop causing noise which is not the solution to this issue. I am earnestly praying for success and to move forward…there is an impediment from the devil that is delaying this vision of mine in the project.”Having shifted the blame on the devil for delaying the repayment, Bishop Pokolo outlined how the money would be repaid: “The money (U$43,000) is to be paid in FIVE SHIPMENTS and it must be paid within this time. This is the legal point in this MOU. “Let’s get back on track and notice that it is the devil that is playing on you to foolishly approach the matter with . . . negative thinking. Investors need their money NOW, NOW, [so you] cannot intimidate me once I am guided by the MOU. I would love to see you face to face just as you promised; then we shall understand it by and by…”Church officials in Monrovia are disturbed about how far the situation about the Church’s ‘Fish Project’ has dragged on, creating problems both for the American who thought he was providing assistance to elevate a church and the receiver whose inability to live up to the repayment agreement is bringing bad publicity to the church.Many church members told the Daily Observer, they “don’t see any means by which Bishop Pokolo could raise such a huge sum of money to repay Malachi Jones.”Meanwhile, the Daily Observer learned that Bishop Pokolo purchased a bus that is being used as transportation for the church.Bishop Pokolo confirmed the purchase of the bus to our reporter as well as his intention to restitute the money but he could not be certain when.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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