Corentyne woman hacked to death by neighbour

first_imgA man is in custody after almost decapitating his neighbour at Belvedere, Corentyne.Dead is Bhumattie Delall, 53, of 351 Fifth Street, South Belvedere. Reports are that Delall was in her yard, when her neighbour, a cane harvester, armed with a cutlass, went into the yard and dealt her several chops to her neck, almost severing it. He then calmly walked out of the yard and crossed the street into his yard where he was later arrested. The suspect’s name has been given as Jainarine Balgobin, called “Boyo”. Balgobin had allegedly stolen money from a brother-in-law and was detained by Police at Albion. However, on Monday, his mother settled the matter and he was released.The bod of Bhumattie Delall being removed from her homeNeighbours say Balgobin has a history of physically abusing his mother and on most times, the now dead Delall would go over to make peace.On Monday, Balgobin allegedly sexually assaulted Delall by fondling her private parts as she was in her yard. About 09:00h on Wednesday, he started to verbally assault her and neighbours. He walked into the yard and left shortly afterwards and went onto the street where he continued his explicit tirade against the neighbours. He then ran back into Delall’s yard and chopped her to death. The dead woman’s sister, Chandra Kumarie Hussain told reporters that she was at home when she received a phone call informing her of her sister’s death. She said upon her arrival at the scene, her sister’s lifeless body was lying on the floor amid blood smears.According to one eyewitness, after Balgobin left the yard, neighbours rushed in and moments later some were seen slowly walking out with their heads bowed. One villager described the scene as “bloody”.Some referred to Balgobin as being “mentally unstable” and a frequent user of illegal drugs. Delall was divorced, unemployed and supported by overseas relatives. She took care of a 26-year-old daughter, Purnime Nandram and her two children.She leaves to mourn two children and two grandchildren, including a two-year-old who witnessed the chopping.last_img

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