Danish police official slated for top law enforcement post in UNs Bosnia

Police Commander Sven Christian Frederiksen will succeed the current Commissioner of UNMIBH’s International Police Task Force (IPTF), Vincent Coeurderoy of France, upon the expiration of the latter’s tour of duty at the end of the month. As the UN Mission is scheduled to complete its mandate by the end of this year, Mr. Frederiksen will also continue on as the first head of the EU Police Mission (EUPM) that is slated to take over from UNMIBH the responsibility for building up the local police force. To ensure a smooth transition and continuity between the two Missions, Mr. Frederiksen’s primary task will be to bring UNMIBH to a successful conclusion, the spokesman said, noting that the EU will appoint a senior officer to undertake the planning for the EUPM under Mr. Frederiksen’s general supervision.