Good deed in Dublin cemetery for a stranger 4000 miles away

first_imgVia Google MapsThe original poster responded thankfully, saying they were in tears, and everyone else was mega impressed.  You can read it all here, but we particularly liked reading the grave visitor’s strategy for finding it.Via RedditWe reckon that is pretty genius, actually.Technology, eh?  Maybe it really is bringing us all closer together.The Dredge: Justin Bieber’s ex makes a holy show of him on telly>Check out the new app for people with fat fingers*> TWO DAYS AGO, someone in Canada logged on to Reddit’s Ireland page and made a relatively simple request.  He/she asked someone, anyone, to go and visit their great uncle’s grave in Harold’s Cross.Via RedditThe poster included a link to an image of the grave online, and one day later someone responded, posting this image of flowers on the grave, not asking for anything in return, simply saying that it had been a ‘bitch to find’.Can’t see the image?  Try reloading the page.  Via ImgurTo put things in perspective, here is what the cemetery looks like on Google Maps.  It’s not small.  In fact, it’s huge.last_img