On this night in 1998 you were listening to Run DMC vs

first_imgMONEY’S THE KEY to end all your woes… so say Run DMC in their classic song ‘It’s Like That’, which was originally released back in 1983 at the very beginning of the group’s career.In 1997, it got the remix treatment from Jason Nevins, and ended up at the number one spot in the Irish charts for a month in April of 1998.(RUNDMCVEVO/YouTube)Being honest, this song was played so much it started to get a little tiresome, but listening back to it now we can see why it did so well.Interestingly, it stopped the Spice Girls from getting to number one in the UK with their song Stop, breaking their straight run of No 1 singles.On this night in 1997 you were listening to… Sash!On this night in 1993 you were listening to… Snowlast_img