Interactive McDonalds billboard lets people play for food

first_imgI love creative marketing ideas that engage customers rather than relying on simple 2-dimensional print ads to convey the same message. This one I came across comes from McDonald’s in Sweden which uses an interactive billboard along with a special website which can be accessed by a smartphone. Those interested in playing a game on the big screen simply visit the “Pick n’ Play” website. Upon visiting, GPS technology verifies the smartphone user is in the vicinity of the interactive billboard before queuing them up to play.After picking what they would like their prize to be, the player begins to play the classic video game of Pong. The smartphone then becomes the controller for the game while the billboard becomes the main screen. The challenge requires that users have to last 30 seconds against the computer. Of course, the game gets increasingly harder the longer a person plays it. Should you be lucky enough to last the full 30 seconds, a digital coupon will be sent to your smartphone that can be used to redeem a food prize at a local McDonald’s. Should you fail, it will be displayed upon a large interactive billboard for all to see. But hey, some people will do anything for a free ice cream cone.AdChoices广告Of course, this isn’t the only creative idea that McDonald’s has come up with to entice people into its restaurants. We reported back in February that the fast food chain launched a new service in Hong Kong called McWeddings. Like the name implies, McDonald’s will host your wedding including offering wedding gifts, invites, decorations featuring Ronald McDonald, and more depending upon what package you choose. While some may scoff at the idea, for those who may have had their first date at a McDonald’s it could be very romantic. You just have to convince the bride-to-be of that.Read more at The Next Weblast_img