Guy urinates in back garden as Street View car goes by sues

first_imgA French man, whose name has not been released, is suing Google because a picture of him urinating in his own back garden appeared on Street View.Apparently he happened to be “watering his plants” at the same moment the Street View car passed through his tiny French village in Maine-et-Loire. The camera was mounted high enough on the car to see over into the garden, and caught a full, yet slightly blurred view of what he was doing.At the time, he had no idea what had happened. It wasn’t until his neighbors started pointing and laughing that he knew something was up, and finally located the image of himself in mid flow on Street View. So what does anyone do in this situation? Ask Google to blur the image and then have a good laugh with your neighbors? Nope, this guy is suing Google for making him “an object of ridicule” and causing him undue distress.Although Google is classing the lawsuit as “implausible,” the man was on his own property when the photo was captured, and it was taken without his permission. This is also a lawsuit that will play out in the French courts, which in the past have frowned upon Google’s Street View activities.The one question that remains is why he was urinating in his own garden. Was the toilet blocked, or is he a very keen gardener and also likes to recycle? We may never know.via Digital Trendslast_img