Hidden River City Ransom Password Discovered After 27 Years

first_imgIf you were a gamer during the Nintendo Entertainment System era then you no doubt remember that quite a few titles had password features. Most games didn’t have a way for players to save their progress so passwords were the best alternative. Since the NES and its games have been around for decades, it would be easy to assume that all passwords for all of those classics have been discovered. However, a new video proves otherwise.A YouTuber by the name of Bisqwit managed to find a long-lost password for River City Ransom. In the video below, he explains the arduous process he had to go through in order to find this password. The difficulty stems from River City Ransom‘s unique password system, which has spaces as valid characters. Also making things trickier is the fact this password uses a 5-7-5 haiku pattern. Therefore the pattern doesn’t match up to the game’s 33 letter password system.This password wasn’t used for the purposes of starting at a specific level in the game. Instead, it grants players beefed up stats including boosts for a hidden stat that increases combo speed and grants maximum money and access to all of the technique books. The code basically makes you more of a bad-ass and is effectively a Game Genie-esque cheat code.It’s always fun when something new for an old game is discovered. Beyond being a great find in and of itself, what makes this particular discovery even more impressive is that Bisqwit had never even played River City Random before digging around for passwords. Make sure to watch the video in full as this really is quite a remarkable accomplishment.last_img