Vancouver ranks high for health risks due to environmental quality

first_imgVancouver is among the Washington cities where residents see the greatest health risks due to environmental quality, according to a new ranking and mapping tool from the state charting health risks at the neighborhood level.Using state and national data, researchers combined 19 environmental, population and socioeconomic data points to score neighborhoods at the census tract level, and map the results.Much of Vancouver earned a high score, with some of the riskiest neighborhoods between and around state Highway 500 and Fourth Plain Boulevard in central Vancouver or along Interstate 205.The scoring is relative, according to researchers, and reflects the risk a given community faces based on that combination of environmental and social factors. It does not, the designers caution, measure any specific health burden or pollution levels, or how those factors are reflected in actual illnesses or injuries.The indicators are a mix of environmental factors and population characteristics. The pollution data include lead risk and exposure, proximity to Superfund sites, area diesel emissions, particulate matter and traffic density, among others. On the population side, the data include infant birth weight and prevalence of death by cardiovascular disease, as well as race, unemployment and the costs of housing or transportation.last_img