Report Washingtons minimum wage falls significantly short

first_imgA single, unmarried worker in Washington state needs a wage of $16.13 an hour to make ends meet, according to an organization that studies the so-called living wage level around the country.Two adults who have two children would need to earn $29.42 an hour, according to a report from the Alliance for a Just Society.The alliance is a coalition of eight state-based community organizations, including the Washington Community Action Network.It has issued its annual Job Gap Report on the living wage for the past 14 years.The latest report, from February, features two Spokane workers who are struggling to make ends meet.One of them is Isaiah Day, a 23-year-old cook at a downtown chain restaurant who works part time for $10.25 an hour, which is above Washington’s minimum hourly wage of $9.19. Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country.Earning that kind of money “definitely isn’t enough to do all of the things I want to do,” Day said. He’d like to go to college or find a job that pays better, he said.He earned just $13,500 in 2012, partly because he didn’thave his job for the full year. He’s been promoted from dishwasher to cook, which should mean a small salary increase, he said.Day said he lives with a roommate and pays $250 rent. He doesn’t own a car and walks more than a mile to work. He has no health insurance. But he gets a free meal during his shift and sometimes gets to take home leftovers.last_img