Theres A Potato Chip Crisis in Japan And Its Only Getting Worse

first_img How AMC’s ‘The Terror’ Uses American History to Delive…33 Killed in Suspected Arson Attack on Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan Potato chips. Who doesn’t love those crunchy, crispy, salty potato treats? Give me a bag of Lightly Salted Lay’s potato chips and a tub of Dean’s French Onion Dip, and I’m in hog heaven. That’s why a shortage of potato chips, like the one that’s happening in Japan right now, would hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s no joke. Japan is having a crisis with potato chips right now, and some bags are being sold as high as $14.What’s going on to cause such a terrible situation, anyway? There’s been a compromised crop of potatoes in Hokkaido in Japan that’s caused the halting of potato chip manufacturing. Several flavors of chips have stopped shipping throughout the country, which has resulted in Calbee, the nation’s biggest chip manufacturer, ceasing the distribution of over ten different flavors of chips.Everywhere you look online where this scarcity has been reported shows demolished grocery stores with very few bags of chips, and the bags that are available being sold for ridiculous prices on Yahoo Japan and other online retailers. Keep in mind these are snacks that normally cost about $1.20 if that. They’re potato chips, people!The potato chips that are left in stock are being carefully rationed by stores, with customers limited to one bag each, and scalpers are charging about 800 yen apiece for them. Everyone’s gone potato crazy, but I suppose I’d be acting much in the same manner if my favorite crunchy snack were to suddenly disappear.The scarcity has affected Calbee itself too, with a 3 percent drop in its stock. Despite the issues, however, Calbee’s snacks are the first and second popular snacks in the country, according to a TV Asahi poll of 10,000 people. Potato chips are serious business.Here’s to hoping the scarcity doesn’t last long and everyone can start enjoying the potato once more. Long live Calbee chips! Stay on targetlast_img