GTA V PC preorders expected to start on Friday

first_imgTo say there’s a desire for Rockstar to release GTA V for the PC is a bit of an understatement. The game has had glowing reviews on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and there’s many a PC gamer who wants to have the chance to play it on their rig and at a much higher level of detail than current-gen consoles can achieve.We expect Rockstar will eventually announce the game for PC, but we don’t know when. However, we’re now hearing that pre-orders for the game on PC are expected to start this coming Friday.That’s the news coming our of Sweden, where retailer Elgiganten, better known as the Dixons Retail group of companies, is set to launch preorders for the game on January 31.We’ve seen the game go up for pre-order on online stores before, but that’s usually due to a mistake and the listing disappears soon after. In this case the pre-order offer looks to be planned and has been confirmed as going ahead by a manager of one of the Elgiganten stores.Rockstar hasn’t commented yet, but if it does get announced for PC on Friday we should also expect the PS4 and Xbox One versions to be announced soon after, or maybe even on the same day. On the other hand, with GTA Online factored in, a staggered launch might be the preferred option and news of a next-gen console launch could eat in to ongoing current gen sales of the title.Although this pre-order offer is meant to be happening in Sweden, by default that would also extend to other European countries. I’d also be very surprised if it didn’t include the US, too. Rockstar will want the PC version out in as many territories as possible at the same time.last_img