nterpretation of the reasons noble baby search can not get a firm foothold in South Korea

We first introduce the


Naver search page and yahoo page is very similar, with a large amount of information. And then go the nobility baby’s minimalist style, the only menu bar, search box, logo search button, but it seems that a global unified style is not very popular in South korea. Have a lot of information search page seems to be more popular.

From the above we can see that the


defeated the nobility baby Naver search. Naver is the number of the Korean domestic users the most search engines, according to statistics of the market share of more than 70%. Since the launch of Naver in 1999 will double by the South Korean people of all ages. We first look at the comparison between the Naver and the nobility baby search page.


search results page, as shown below:

Naver is South Korea’s local search engine, as if our domestic search engine algorithm is mainly around the Chinese, Naver’s search algorithm is naturally around the local Korean, as the "Google international fan" on the one hand, the search algorithm is better without Naver. But in a different language search, the search results are very different, how to find the information the user wants will be related to the success or failure of the search engine, for example: we use Korean not (Chinese meaning: dress) were in search of nobility baby and Naver, the search results are unexpectedly, the amount of information search Naver and multi species is also very complete, the search results are the first Wikipedia entries, followed by the news, relevant documents, video and picture information. As shown in figure

Then we look at the noble baby

for Google search, we can say that the search engine industry of the international norm". The world’s most extensive coverage, the dominance of search engine than Google. According to the unified statistics 83% of the global search engine market share to Google search. As for the search engine of the international norm in every country is not so popular? In fact, we have launched Chinese regardless of market Google China. In some countries, Google search is still weak, such as Japan’s YAHOO search engine is the boss, the boss is Russian search engine Yandex., South Korea’s search engine market is occupied by Naver and so on. Why Google is so strong in these areas are unable to gain a foothold? The author thinks that in addition to the policy problem in some areas, more critical is the ability to read the local search of the heart. Below I will take Google and South Korea’s largest search engine Naver compared to interpret why noble baby search can not gain a foothold in South korea.

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