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Saint Mary’s employee fired, arrested for voyeurism on campus

first_img“Home feels a little less like home today,” junior Tess Siver said Tuesday after the report of voyeuristic privacy violation on the Saint Mary’s campus.A maintenance employee of the College was terminated from his position Tuesday after a co-worker reported suspicious behavior in a bathroom on the fourth floor of Le Mans Hall Monday afternoon, according to an email from College President Carol Ann Mooney.A report from WNDU identified 73-year-old David Summerfield as the employee.Courtesy of SBPD Director of media relations Gwen O’Brien said the initial report noted that the employee may have observed students in the bathroom. After the report, he was immediately confronted by superiors and admitted to the allegation, she said.Within two hours of the initial report, he was suspended without pay and escorted off campus. Since then, his employment has been terminated, O’Brien said.On Monday evening, College officials notified the St. Joseph County Special Victims Unit, who began an immediate police investigation, O’Brien said. The investigation led to Summerfield’s arrest Tuesday morning for voyeurism.Mooney notified students, parents, faculty and staff of the situation in an email sent Tuesday afternoon. In the email, Mooney apologized for the incident and praised the employee who came forward with the initial report.“The safety, privacy and security of our students are our primary concerns,” Mooney said. “This type of behavior is repugnant, and Saint Mary’s College will not tolerate it.“As soon as this was reported to us, we acted swiftly to remove the person from campus. We have taken measures that prevent anyone else from being able to spy into restrooms. In addition, we are evaluating all space on campus to ensure privacy.”Mooney invited students, faculty and staff to an assembly in O’Laughlin Auditorium on Tuesday afternoon to address concerns. The assembly was not open to the public.O’Brien said students who need services or support in dealing with this incident can access counseling through Women’s Health and Campus Ministry. In addition, the Residence Life staff is on hand to provide assistance, she said.Siver, a resident of the fourth floor of Le Mans Hall, said she felt simultaneously shocked and violated.“It breaks my heart that mine and my neighbors’ memories of our time in Le Mans will be tainted, but as always, the SMC community will pull together and move past this,” she said.Siver said she feels that Saint Mary’s has been as forthcoming and open with students about the incident as possible.“I hope they continue to be open with students throughout the investigation, particularly those students who live in areas of Le Mans that have been most affected,” she said.Junior Kelley Wright, another fourth floor resident, agreed with Siver, extending her personal thanks to Mooney for her open and honest response to the situation during the college-wide forum.“I think the immediate forum that was held today was very important for everyone, not just the residents of 4th floor Le Mans,” Wright said.Wright said she hopes the College responds to the situation in a way that makes students feel safer and restores a sense of privacy.“I am anxiously awaiting what the College is going to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again,” she said.Tags: Arrest, SMC employee, spyinglast_img read more

Writer explores politics of literature

first_imgIndian-born French writer Shumona Sinh discussed her novels and their relationship to the political and social environments of the countries in which she has lived and worked during a lecture Tuesday titled “Literature and Activism: The Challenges of Representing the Impoverished Immigrant Other” hosted by French and Francophone Studies and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.“Any writing, poems or novels, when we are touched by a sentence or an image or a metaphor, the writer is putting something that was right under our eyes into a new light,” Sinha said.Sinha said she cares deeply about the topics on which her novels focus, so much so that she feels she must write about them.“For me, even if I wanted to write a very romantic novel, I am unable to,” Sinha said. “If I do not write about what I think, then I am being dishonest.“Think of a literary work as a big train. There are people getting off and going up and down; this is the human story. However, the thing that interests me is the engine, that is, the socio-political codes.”Sinha said she uses her writing instead of physical activism to affect people and initiate change.“I was in a political party that was a very restrictive organization,” she said. “I knew that if I joined something like that again, that it would crush me. Barriers would be placed around my work and I would be labeled as a certain kind of writer.“My work is with words. If there are two people that are touched by something that I have written, and they are able to think differently, then that’s not bad.”Sinha said she believes the private morals of individuals and the public morals of politics should be closely connected.“I am quite stubborn in that I have my value system,” she said. “For me, stealing is bad. Lying is bad. But in the same way, I understand the nature of today’s politics. However, if you start thinking as a citizen that everything is fake, that all politicians are liars, then there is nothing to hope for, nothing to depend on.”Graduate student Lauren LaMore said Sinha’s lecture prompted her to think about the correlations between literature and society and the possibility for words to generate actions.“It was very cool for me to hear a writer talk about how she engages in society and different issues through literature,” LaMore said. “I took away that even if you manage to reach one person, even for an hour, it could change their relationships and how they view the world, which means everything.”“This lecture is very much what Notre Dame tries to do,” she said. “They take a field of study and apply it and see how it can make a real difference.” Tags: French and Francophone Studies, lecture, literature, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, Romance Languages and Literatureslast_img read more

‘IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE’ IPPO claim on pro-NPA local execs met with skepticism

first_imgWhile the NTF-ELCAC aims awhole-of-nation approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace, thePTF-ELCAC’s tack would be whole-of-province.  According to the governor, the situation may be a little morecomplex. These road networks are envisioned tousher economic development even in far-flung areas. Economic difficulty is oneof the factors driving people to rebel, Defensor explained. “It’s not that simple. Angaton local government officials work on the ground. They are in constantcontact with their constituents. So I have to be clarified kon ano ang buot silingon sang ‘support’ nga amo sina. Usisaon anay,”said Defensor. “This is good because the thrust ofGovernor Defensor is social justice. The framework is already there. All wehave to do is make the implementation plan,” said Department of Interior andLocal Government (DILG) Iloilo director Teodora Sumagaysay. According to the Police RegionalOffice 6 (PRO-6), 32 elected local officials in Western Visayas enjoyed thesupport of the NPA in the May midterm elections and could now be paying therebels back with support. “We need physical evidence to pin themdown,” said Malong. “I need time to investigate that and to confer with the policeprovincial director. What does ‘supportive’ mean,” said Defensor. What were the prevailing circumstances that led to suchconclusion, he asked. Malong, however, acknowledged it wouldbe difficult to prove that these local officials are now paying the insurgentsback with monetary or logistical support unless witnesses surface. Defensor expressed alarm over theseries of clashes between government troops and rebels in the municipalities ofMiag-ao and Igbaras. In Capiz, according to Malong, therewere four mayors, two vice mayors and three town councilors while inNegros Occidental, there were two elected mayors, two vice mayors, twomunicipal councilors, and a provincial board member. ILOILO – Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. is not about to swallow hook,line and sinker the Iloilo Police Provincial Office’s (IPPO) claim that five mayors,two vice mayors and nine municipal councilors are supportive of the NewPeople’s Army (NPA). PRO-6 spokesperson Police LieutenantJoem Malong said of these 32 officials, 11 were elected mayor and six wereelected vice mayor. The provincial government will beforming the Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict(PTF-ELCAC) – a local counterpart of the National Task Force to End LocalCommunist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) that President Rodrigo Duterte createdDecember last year. While Defensor intends to get more facts from Vilela, the governorreiterated the goal of the Duterte administration which is to solve theinsurgency problem and achieve inclusive and sustainable peace through goodgovernance. IPPO director Police Colonel Roland Vilela had said these mayors,vice mayors and municipal councilors were paying revolutionary tax to the NPA andduring the midterm elections they paid the rebels “permit to campaign” fees. Defensor said the provincialgovernment has programs that could help address the insurgency problem; one ofthese is building road networks even in remote areas. “’Di ba it’s a formof support,” said Vilela. Local officials proven to besupportive of rebels face criminal and administrative charges. Based on DILG Memorandum Circular2019-125, a joint resolution of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC)and the Provincial Development Council (PDC) is needed for the creation of thetask force. It will be chaired by the governor./PNlast_img read more