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Copa del Rey: can Real Madrid and Barcelona cross in the round of 16?

first_imgIf the last conditioner is met, the rest of the third category of Spanish football would face each other with a First team, but this could be anyone, not necessarily a big one. So far, the four Supercup teams, exempt in the first two rounds, faced yes or yes to a Second B. It will be a condition that disappears from now on.LaLiga SmartBank teams will also play against a First Division. That does not mean that the LaLiga Santander face each other, since there will be more classified than the total sum between Second and Second B. In other words, Real Madrid or Barcelona can play with each other, against one of the same category or against one of lower division.Provisional draw bombsFirst division: Osasuna, Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Athletic, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Granada and Valencia.Second division: Zaragoza and Tenerife.Slopes: Ebro-Leganés; Mirandés-Celta; Badajoz-Eibar; Ray Vallecano-Betis; Cultural Leonesa-Atlético de Madrid. Real Madrid and Barcelona have advanced to the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey with some suffering, after overthrowing Unionists and Ibiza respectively. So, they will be in the hype next Friday in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas (1:00 pm, through the official channels of the RFEF and on and, if chance wishes, they could face in the next round.In Friday’s draw there will be no hype of the Spanish Super Cup, as it did for the sixteenth. So that, there will be one of the First Division teams, another with the Second and, in case there is any classified, another with those of Second B. last_img read more

Murthy: “I want coaches to execute Lim’s guidelines as an official”

first_imgAnil Murthy has granted an interview to the magazine The Athletic, something unusual since the president does not frequent the media. In it, the manager values ​​his stay in Valencia with an 8/10, makes it clear what kind of coaches Peter Lim wants, and clarifies that, however much a technician achieves sporting merits, if he does not follow the guidelines set by Meriton he will be fired. Thus, in the interview granted to The athletic and translated by Paco Polit in sports plazaMurthy also assumes that Lim is not happy with the way he communicates his initiatives for the club and that people “don’t care” if we represent them, what they want “is to see us win.”Marcelino’s departure. “I understand that people thought things were going well, but since June there were problems because the coach and the general manager began to disagree with the idea of ​​the club we wanted. We let them go and people treated us crazy, after the defeat against Barcelona the atmosphere was extremely hostile, especially against me. They told us we were tearing up the club, but Lim has to look and defend the entity beyond the short term. ” Model Trainer “We want a technician who bet on the quarry and who dares to put them on the pitch. We want that coach to say: “I am only an official, I am not the star here, the players are and I will bet on them, because if I am in Valencia it is to execute the instructions of the owner as an official”. In addition, we also understand that the coach wants to recommend good investments, but that these are not to win on Monday, but so that Lim has a sustainable model of investment and sales during subsequent years. ”Technician discrepancies. “The coach who does not follow our guidelines already knows where the door is. There are a thousand trainers waiting to train Valencia, I guarantee it. If you follow Lim’s instructions you can stay here forever, but if you start to diverge from club policy, you can win the Champions League, which the next day you will be fired. ”Rigidity. “We already say it clearly: we manage the club, the owner knows what he wants. We have to have the courage to tell anyone, no matter if he gets good results or not popular that is in the city. If a player publicly criticizes the club or the owner we will be clear and we will tell them.“ Player reviews. “Yes, it is true that they defended Marcellin, but we have to have the guts to make it clear that someone has put more than 200 million pounds to buy the club And the ideas you are having shows that you are growing well. Over time we will reach a 10 out of 10 “.Personal assessment “I wear an eight. Not for the results, but for the courage I have had to continue in the direction we had decided. “Aspects to improve. “Mr. Lim always tells us that nor are you satisfied with the way we communicate your ideas for the club. We have improved our digital area and we are creating links with local companies. “Criticisms of the fans. “There are people in Valencia who does not exceed losing their club to a foreign investor. The only way we have to deal with it is to get rid of all the violent people we can identify … I won’t stop until everyone is out. “Ultra reviews. “Years ago there were times when when returning after a defeat some fans, who are called that but are not, threw stones at the bus. Not all ultras are criminals, but those who do those things are. We got rid of them because they are a minority no matter how much noise they make. That time was complicated, Gary Neville had it very difficult because it was a stage of turbulence, sometimes when I see him I tell him and he takes it with good humor. ”Support fans. I am an Indian face that comes from Singapore as president and I have never been nominated to Valencian society. Many people do not see me as a legitimate club representative. I speak of a very small group of people, some local journalists, some people who used to send here. Nevertheless, when I go down the street people are on our side, There are no financial problems, we have played the Champions three times, there are good players. People want us to win, they don’t care if we represent them or not. Those people make noise because they are 1%.Premier comparison. Today we are at the economic level of Leicester or the West Ham.last_img read more

The endorsement of being a visitor

first_imgThe three victories of Espanyol came beforeand Eibar (1-2), Levante (0-1) and Villarreal (1-2), Curiously, each of them with one of the trainers of the season. Ties have only the stamp of David Gallego and Pablo Machín against Alavés (0-0), Celta (1-1) and Sevilla (2-2).Espanyol grabs a burning nail to add 50% of the points from here at the end and be saved. Out-of-team performance is also positive with Abelardo Fernández Although the team has only added four points. Despite this, he has been with victory options in three of those games. His loot was scarce. That the salvation of Spanish go through the RCDE Stadium It is a reality that players assume since the second round began. The parakeet team needs to win at least four of the six games they will play in their stadium, five against opponents of the lower middle zone and another against the Real Madrid, if you really want to get closer to those 40 points that give salvation. But far from its stadium, Espanyol is also obliged to add, perhaps the only situation that does not require extra effort, just follow the tonic of the course as a visitor.The Blue and Whites have added 12 points in the 13 home games and are the tenth LaLiga team in a hypothetical classification. They only beat him Real Madrid (25), Sevilla (23), Getafe (21), Barcelona (18), Real Sociedad (17), Atlético (16), Villarreal (16), Osasuna (14) and Valladolid (13). It is the biggest difference of the parrots with the rest of the rivals to avoid the decline, that their behavior away from home is being more favorable, an endorsement as is the classification.last_img read more

Truce between United and Raiola to discuss Pogba’s future

first_imgPaul Pogba has shown interest in leaving Old Trafford since last summer and Raiola has been looking for a way out for the player. In recent months, a war of declarations has erupted between Raiola and Manchester United. At the end of 2019, Raiola said United is a ‘problem’ for Pogba and insisted that he would not bring any of the players he represents closer to signing for the ‘red devils’. In fact, in January coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that United was withdrawing from the race to sign Erling Haaland due to his agent Raiola. In February, Solskjaer hinted that Pogba is likely to leave United if the team does not qualify for the Champions League. And the United coach was fed up with Raiola’s comments and said: “Paul is our player and not Mino’s.” To which the agent replied: “Paul is not mine and certainly not the property of Solskjaer. Paul is Paul Pogba. You can no longer own a human being for a long time in the UK or anywhere else. “In the war of decks Roy Keane and Gary Neville got involved, Raiola backed down, until Neville himself called him “leech”, to which Raiola responded saying to the former United player that he could “go to hell”.Woodward appears to be more open to discussing Pogba’s future again, but won’t let him go for less than € 120m.. Pogba has only played seven Premier League games this season: He’s been out due to an ankle injury. Manchester United Executive Vice President Ed Woodward has spoken to Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola again in an attempt to ease recent tensions and resolve the future of the French midfielder.. According to ‘The Mirror’, Woodward has reopened the talks as a kind of peace offer and a way to prevent the agent from making public attacks on the club. Even Pogba has also encouraged the resumption of dialogue, as he asked Raiola to “be less conflictive” in his comments.last_img read more

Laporta applauds the players to lower their salaries and criticizes Bartomeu

first_imgLawyer Joan Laporta, who served as president of Barcelona from 2003 to 2010, sent this Tuesday a message of approval to the players of the club for lowering the salary before the ERTE who wants to present the entity, and at the same time criticized the current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. “The #confinition brings us the best when we see the solidarity and commitment of the # Barça players. Congratulations, you have stood up to the challenge,” he said on his Twitter account.On the other hand, in the same brief message, Laporta wrote: “#bartomeuout”, showing his criticism again towards whom five years ago was his rival at the polls, and who was a director from 2003 to 2005.The footballers of Barcelona accepted this Monday the club’s proposal to reduce wages by 70%, due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, and announced that they will make contributions “so that the club’s employees can collect 100% of their salary” while this situation lasts.last_img read more

The crossroads of Diego Costa

first_imgWill Atlético sell you? Will it last another year? This season he has been unemployed for three months due to an operation of herniated disc cervical. Hence his numbers, only comparable to those he had at Sporting from his beginnings, 2006-07 season (one goal): two in 19 games, two in 1,192 minutes.In addition to Italy, It continues to have a market in Brazil and Qatar. Flamengo. Al-Rayyan. His name on the table in the office of Andrea Berta, rojiblanco sports director, this summer. October 7 turns 32. While Simeone praises you and he does not stop commenting in public that he is a footballer who contributes something different, others understand that his cycle at Atlético has ended.We will see. The one with Lizard contract ends on June 30, 2021. That is, he has one year left. If Atlético wants to deposit some money for it, it must sell it now. For his return in 2018 paid 65 million to Chelsea. Today, according to the specialized page Transfermarkt, its price is around 18, 47 less. But it is that the following June is free, it goes free. A Coast that for Simeone It remains a important player beyond what it contributes on the field of play. Anfield is the button: Morata was not in the best possible conditions and Cholo made Diego Costa the starter. At 55 ‘his 19 was on the poster of the fourth referee, he was changed, and he answered getting angry energetically. That, precisely, is what Cholo likes him: that desire to play and that hunger that he still has, that he always shows. The months that come for Diego Costa are complicated. To the general doubts about what will happen to football, how it will continue, in what way, they join their individuals. Because Costa continues having market. Despite not being that footballer capable of scoring 36 goals in one season (2013-14, in 51 games) he still has it. It is Costa, it can mutate into The beast at any moment, and his fury, is thicker, thinner, with more rhythm or less, infects the rest. Europe knows this. The Rome loves you like Dzeko’s partner (34 years), Kalinic it did not work, he will return it to Atlético this summer, without exercising the purchase option on his loan. He Naples too. However, the question is another He goes to another place: What will Atlético do with Diego Costa when this season ends?last_img read more

Barcelona offer Umtiti or Semedo for Ndombele

first_imgIn this sense, according to the British media, Barcelona’s creative option is to offer a piece in exchange for the media. In this sense, it is reported that either Umtiti or Semedo would have been offered as consideration to take over the services of the French midfielder. Barcelona would be looking to provide more physical deployment to its staff and Ndombele fits that profile. From England it is also explained that another player offered would have been Arthur, but the Brazilian does not have the approval of José Mourinho, coach of the London club, who prefers other options if he has to lose Ndombele. Barcelona has set itself the objective of reinforcing the core of its core for next season and in that sense has identified Tanguy Ndombele as its main candidate. The French midfielder of Congolese origin from Tottenham is, at 23, one of the most sought-after on the continent. The main obstacle, as reported by Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, would be the state of the coffers of the Catalan club aggravated by the coronavirus crisis, which will fully affect the next transfer market.last_img read more