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New Jerry Garcia Stories Uncovered Through Digitized Art Collection

first_imgIn addition to his exploits as a musical icon, the late Jerry Garcia was a prolific visual artist and painter, creating countless works of art over the years. However, as is the nature of fine art, it can only be appreciated to the extent that it can be accessed–and for years, many of Garcia’s works have sat in storage, unseen by the public eye. That is, until recently, when StraxArt, a technology company that specializes in digitizing works of fine art in order to preserve the pieces and make them available to masses, linked up with Jerry’s daughter, Trixie Garcia. One of the first major artists’ estates to sign on with Strax’s unique fine art digitization process protocol was that of Garcia, best known as the late lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead. In an effort spearheaded by Trixie, Strax assisted with the digitization of Jerry’s vast collection of original works, many of which had never been displayed.Strax Technologies, the parent company of the StraxArt brand, was founded to make thousands of works of art available to everyone by digitizing paintings, drawings, and the like and “streaming” the digitized artwork to various devices. The firm has thousands of photographs and works of fine art digitally captured directly from originals stored in its extensive database, and continues to grow its collection by working directly with artists and their estates to catalogue and present these timeless works of art for the digital age. However, as “poster people” will tell you, physical artwork is still very much in demand in 2017, so StraxArt expanded their offerings to include museum-quality printing and framing of their archived pieces.Explains Strax co-Founder Eric Singleton, “An amazing byproduct of the Strax process model is the ability to offer limited edition framed prints of Jerry Garcia pieces at a price that is accessible to everyone,” says Singleton, “It was crucial to our mission to make these available without any compromise on quality. We use pigment inks, sustainably sourced framing, 100% cotton museum quality paper, etc, for a true heirloom product that embraces the spirit of Jerry – one of the most important aspects of our mission.”Strax has continued to build the collection and make it available via a dedicated website, The Jerry Garcia Collection, which displays a wide range of these rare digitized Garcia originals and offers high-quality framed prints for sale. You can view the Jerry Garcia Collection now.Digitizing Jerry’s artwork proved to be an expansive and powerful process, as members of the Strax team were invited to key places where his work is being stored and given unprecedented access to the veritable treasure trove of material. “It was like walking into the private world of Jerry,” explains Singleton, “to hold in our hands so much of his original artwork, still in his art notebooks, was incredible.”Singleton continues, “Beyond his art were original song lyrics to some of the Dead’s most famous songs…old Gold records…I truly got choked up looking at them in front of us, we all did. There were many silent moments between us that day as we kept discovering more and more.” As they dove deeper into his body of work, the Strax team began to increasingly focus on the stories surrounding the art, interviewing artists and the people close to them to discover the context and inspirations for the various pieces.“Its remarkable how Jerry’s art seems to open a door to the past and bring it to the present for those close to him,” Singleton explains. “When discussing or looking at a work with a family member or friend, like Trixie or David Grisman, we are often rewarded with the story about why he painted a particular piece – where he painted it and what his inspiration was – in that moment you feel like he’s all around you, and its magical.”By capturing and sharing these intimate interviews, fans and collectors are able to learn what the artist was thinking, experiencing, and feeling as they created their art as a form of expression. Strax is one of the first firms to combine this unique storytelling with the artworks themselves, creating a special experience for the collector and fan.You can see Trixie Garcia speak about The Jerry Garcia Collection below:As StraxArt continues to uncover and digitize the massive Jerry Garcia Collection, it’s a good bet that they’ll uncover even more amazing work and incredible stories, continuing to fill the ever-present call for insight on the mind, work, and legacy of Jerry Garcia and beyond.You can view The Jerry Garcia Collection here. For more information on StraxArt and their various projects, head to their website.last_img read more

Notre Dame policies compare to those of other universities

first_imgThe academic dishonesty allegations announced Aug. 15 involving four (later five) Notre Dame football players sparked interest in University’s Honor Code investigation process.Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Student Academic Code of Honor Handbook is available on the University website. The policies outlined in the Code partially overlap with those in place at several of Notre Dame’s peer universities, but side-by-side comparisons reveal some significant differences.University Code of Honor Committee co-chair Hugh Page declined to comment on any aspect of the matter. Page is also the vice president and associate provost for undergraduate affairs and dean of the First Year of Studies.The range of acceptable penalties vary from school to school, and Notre Dame’s Honor Code appears more lenient than the Honor Code at the University of Virginia.For example, the Virginia Honor Committee has the power to “exclude permanently from student status University students found to have committed honor violations.” This seems to suggest that students could be dismissed in response to a first-time offense.Notre Dame’s Honor Code offers several alternatives – it differentiates between major, minor and flagrant offenses, and only under the flagrant offense category does it mention the prospect of dismissal. Lesser violations are typically penalized with zero credit given for the dishonest work or an “F” grade for the entire course, according to the Code. However, “a second violation of the Academic Code of Honor will normally result in dismissal from the University.”At Virginia, the Honor System is entirely student-run, according to its website. Student representatives are elected to sit on the Honor Committee, while student support officers investigate cases, provide advice to accused students and serve as advocates during the trial. Additionally, students serve as randomly selected jurors for Honor Code hearings when requested, which “ensures that a decision reflects the views of the current student body.”Notre Dame has multiple Honesty Committees at different levels—the University-wide group co-chaired by Page that has six faculty members and six students, and additional standing committees within each College or department. The Code stipulates that “In all Honesty Committees, students must constitute the majority of members.”The Code states that “In order for the Academic Code of Honor to function, both students and faculty must know the membership of the Honesty Committee to whom they can report instances of alleged academic dishonesty.” The University Committee roster currently posted on the Code of Honor website lists students who have graduated, and Committee co-chair Hugh Page declined to comment on whether it has been updated. The Code states that the Office of the Provost maintains the current committee membership roster.Notre Dame’s football team takes on Stanford University this weekend – still without the five players – and a head-to-head comparison of the two Universities’ Honor Codes suggests that Stanford’s code comes with more stringent sanctions for the first offense, but more lenient penalties for multiple violations.For example, Stanford’s code states that “The standard penalty for a first offense includes a one-quarter suspension from the University and 40 hours of community service.” Additionally, most faculty members issue a “no pass” or “no credit” for the course in question. For additional violations, such as cheating more than once in the same course, the standard penalty is a three-quarter suspension and 40 or more hours of community service, according to the Code available online.Like Notre Dame’s Honor Committees, Stanford’s Board on Judicial Affairs and individual Judicial Panels are comprised of both students and faculty members.The University Code of Honor Committee is responsible for proposing periodic revisions to the Code to Notre Dame’s Academic Council, chaired by University President Fr. John Jenkins. The Code document available on the University website was most recently updated in 2011.At Stanford, additions or modification to the bylaws of the Code can be overruled by the Undergraduate Senate, the Graduate Student Council, the Senate of the Academic Council, the Chair of the Senate of the Academic Council or the University President.None of the Codes offer a precise timeline for the investigation and hearing process.The 2014 U.S. News and World Report Best Universities ranking lists Stanford in a tie for No. 4 with Columbia University and the University of Chicago. Notre Dame is tied with Brown University and Vanderbilt University at No. 16, and Virginia is tied with the University of California-Los Angeles for No. 23.Tags: Honesty Committee, Notre Dame Academic Council, Stanford University, Undergraduate Student Academic Code of Honor Handbook, University of Virginialast_img read more

No cash in Vermont’s Rainy Day fund

first_img(By James Dwinell. Vermont Business Magazine) Will Hunter of Cavendish wrote to the Rutland Herald last month, At least we have not touched a penny of our rainy day funds. Perhaps our leaders can print up copies of the bank statements showing the millions that we are hoarding in the bank. I would like to have a copy to look at to make me feel better as I watch my beloved state fall apart.This month Tom Davis of Barre and son of Governor Deane Davis wrote to the Burlington Free Press, Is there anyone on the planet that honestly believes that by rearranging the chairs on the Titanic, aka the Vermont budget, that they can save $38 million? It is raining; we have a rainy day fund, use it!I had seen the rainy day fund accounts in some years be above $100 million, then in some years below. I asked Vermont s State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding, Why do the rainy day funds fluctuate? Is it because of the way that they are invested and therefore the value goes up and down?Spaulding answered in hushed tones, It is because there are no rainy day funds. The rainy day fund is a budgetary number, a percentage of the general fund, highway, or education budget, called a reserve account. There are no actual funds in the reserve accounts. If the State decided to spend the amount of money in the budgeted reserve accounts, we would first use the available cash in the checking account, and when that was gone, we would have to borrow the money to fully meet the reserve value.Who knew? I asked Governor Douglas and he understands that there are no rainy day funds, saying, The rainy days funds are just a budgetary figure. Chairman Michael Obuchowski, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate pro tem Peter Shumlin both knew. But most of the politicians I asked including candidates for governor, legislators, lobbyists, commissioners, and the state economist join the ranks of many Vermonters who do not realize that the rainy day funds were not actual funds set aside for a rainy or stormy day.Do the bond rating companies know that there is no rainy day cash, and if so, do they care?Standard & Poors latest credit report on Vermont January 26, 2010 reads, The general fund budget stabilization reserve was $60 million and there were additional general fund reserves for revenue shortfalls of $14.8 million and human services caseload reserves of $16.3 million.The FitchRatings conclusions were the same in a credit report of the same date, Reserves in each major operating fund at the close of fiscal 2009 were at full funding at 5% of prior year appropriations.Moody s Investor Service had similar findings in their report dated February 18, 2010. Vermont s fully funded budget reserve fund was $60.1 million at the end of the 2009 fiscal year. Vermont maintains a fully funded Transportation and Education reserve fund ¦ The state maintains a Human Services Caseload Reserve of $16.29 million. The 2010 budget adjustment utilized $16.22 million leaving only $70,000 in this reserve.Treasurer Spaulding said, I am not sure how each credit agency works, but some states handle their reserve accounts as Vermont does, other states segregate them and fund them with cash.We asked Moody s if it mattered in its credit analysis, and John Cline, Moody s analyst wrote, We decline to comment beyond the report that we sent to you.Ken Weinstein, credit analyst for FitchRatings, said, We do not really know if there is cash or cash equivalents in these accounts. We go by the GAAP financial statements provided by the State of Vermont which show on its balance sheet the values of all the fund reserves.Moody s credit report concluded with a warning, One of Vermont s credit strengths is the maintenance of budget reserves at statutory limits. One of the things that would make its ratings go down is the depletion of budget reserves with swift replenishment.For its part, the Vermont Legislature s Joint Fiscal Office ( is external)) has issued three memos this year ( is external)….) attempting to explain the reserve and rainy day funds.In the memo, dated February 9, 2010, prepared by Chief Fiscal Officer Stephen Klein and entitled General Fund Budget Stabilization Reserve Use and Operation, the JFO makes four points about the reserve funds: 1. The fund s primary statutory purpose is to reduce the effects of annual variations in state revenues upon the general fund budget of the state by reserving certain surpluses in general fund revenues that may accrue for the purpose of offsetting deficits or reducing general fund bonds. Accordingly, Vermont s stabilization reserve is designed to provide some protection against revenue variance after the end of the fiscal year and is an integral part of our budget operations.2. As a secondary benefit, the fund plays an integral role providing a cash reserve that reduces the need to access short-term borrowing to meet state financial cash flow needs. Existence of these funds has created a resource for the state s cash flow that has reduced the need for short-term borrowing. The state s cash balance has been below the fund resources at points during each of the past six years and is projected to be so again in FY 2010.3. The existence and preservation of this fund has been cited by Standard and Poor s, Moody s, and Fitch as having a positive impact on Vermont s bond ratings.4. Vermont created a rainy day type reserve in 2008 in 32 V.S.A. § 308d similar to the rainy day funds utilized by other states. This revenue shortfall reserve is empty, and deposits will be made only if revenues exceed forecasts by greater than 1%. A full listing of other states reserves is available at is external)Other states, such as Massachusetts, have reserve funds that have been set aside for use in years where economic shortfalls exist. Vermont created such a fund in 2008 in 32 V.S.A. § 308d. This revenue shortfall reserve is empty and thus not available for use.n 4.28.2010last_img read more

How to use a pellet stove to keep you both warm and safe this winter

first_imgWhile Holleran said you can do some of these things yourself, he recommends having a professional check out and clean your stove at least once a year, before you use it for the first time that season. (WBNG) — 12 News is breaking down how to safely use a pellet stove this winter after officials said a weekend fire in Conklin was caused by a faulty one. He advised keeping your ash tray and vent pipes clean, because, “It’s a stove, a wood stove, so they’re going to fill up, they’re going to get dirty.” “They always make a difference in the amount of soot that’s going to build up into your vent pipe.” “If you have it inspected yearly, it should prevent the fires if you have a qualified contractor looking at it.” “If you see ash coming out of those seals, then you know it’s time to get them cleaned or replaced,” said Holleran.center_img And, keep the seals on your pellet stove tight. Vice President of Auchinachie Services Chris Holleran says when it comes to pellet stoves, “If you don’t take care of the equipment and keep it clean, it could cause a lot of problems down the road.” When it comes to choosing pellets for inside your stove, he said go for the better quality. Holleran said these tips are for pellet stove use in general, and you should always go by the instructions from your particular pellet stoves manufacturer.last_img read more

An off-the-grid home in the far north has proven a real winner

first_imgm3architecture’s “Cape Tribulation House” has taken out a top award at the recent Queensland Architecture Awards, one of 12 awards and commendations the practice received.A BRISBANE based architect practice has proven itself as a creative design powerhouse scooping the pool at the latest Queensland Architecture Awards and winning top prize for a home in the far north.m3architecture took out the Robin Dods Award for Residential Architecture — Houses (new), for its Cape Tribulation House, just one of 12 awards and commendations that the firm was awarded.Cape Tribulation House, from the outside. Picture: Peter BennettsThe home, set in the World Heritage Daintree, is an off-the-grid holiday home for a Victoria-based owner, and fits in perfectly with its surrounds.While the architecture firm, founded by Michael Lavery, Michael Banney and Michael Christiansen in 1997, is more renowned for its larger scale education and public work than residential, the practice was founded in small institutional work for the University of Queensland and backyard house extensions.The dining and kitchen space is vast, welcoming and features plenty of warm, textured wood. Picture: Peter Bennettsm3archiecture director and lead architect on the project Ben Vielle said the practice was invited in 2010 by a friend to design the holiday home.“The owners reside in Victoria and were looking to design a house that would suit their family and friends,” Mr Vielle said“Both small and large groups were to occupy the house periodically in the mid-season and winter months.”This covered space with its outdoor barbecue and roomy decking allows for dining al fresco whatever the weather. Picture: Peter BennettsWhile not everyone is going to build an award-winning home, this home does come up with some great concepts that could be creatively incorporated into your average home.There are pavilions that can accommodate multiple sleeping arrangements, for example couple rooms that transform into bunk rooms and living spaces that also serve as a makeshift campsite.“Pavilions for living and sleeping are located around a central breezeway deck space — the social centre of the house,” Mr Vielle said.And the deck is a graduated space offering sun, shelter and an experience of the rainforest canopy.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor2 hours agoThe house features little pockets of privacy to sit back, swing back and relax. Picture: Peter BennettsDesigning a home in dense rainforest was no easy task for the practice, but armed with some pink surveyors tape they traipsed their way through the rainforest and marked out a path from the road to the beach with the least impact. The pink tape was eventually replaced with white rope now serving as a playful design feature leading from the road to the beach and through the house.With its dark wooden exterior and mirrored glass, the structure blends seamlessly into the surrounding forest. Picture: Peter BennettsWith 181sq m of internal space, yet 314sq m of floor area under the roof it’s easy to see this home takes full advantage of its World Heritage location.The house is mainly timber framed and lined, sourced from sustainable sources and is clad with black plastic and mirrored glass enabling it to disappear into the canopy.Can you get any closer to wildlife from the comfort of your own home? Picture: Peter BennettsEnergy use is minimised through passive design strategies such as using shade, natural ventilation and light, and with careful selection of fixtures and appliances.Mr Vielle said throughout the design process, Integreco, a sustainability and green building consultancy, provided advice on material selections and infrastructure systems.Getting good advice for both the design and economy of your home is clearly a key in a successful home build.The bathroom is pretty special. Picture: Peter Bennetts“This study demonstrated that the house has one-fifth the embodied and operational greenhouse gas emissions of a conventional Australian three-bedroom suburban house,” Mr Vielle said.“According to Integreco, this achievement is no mean feat, especially given the size of the building, amount of associated works and infrastructure.”If a house in the Daintree is appealing have a look at these three homes for sale:3351 Mossman Daintree Road, Daintree sits on 1.66ha and is on the market for $419,000.This cute little two bedroom hideaway at 118 Maple Rd Cow Bay, Daintree is for sale for $220,000.Or what about this for the ultimate family rainforest retreat at 120 Ronald Road, Daintree, asking in the mid-$300,000’s.last_img read more

Mandate roundup: Foncer, Epap, Enpapi, PKH, Nottinghamshire

first_imgFoncer, the €426m Italian pension scheme for employees of the ceramic industry, is selecting managers for the largest of its investment funds.The defined contribution scheme will award four three-year mandates to manage the balanced fund, totalling just under €400m.The scheme is searching for active managers of balanced portfolios with strong ESG credentials. The current mandates expire at the end of June. Interested managers have until 1pm CET on 10 March to respond. More details on the required documentation is available at Epap, an €815m scheme, is searching for fixed income managers for a portfolio worth €320m. The scheme intends to award five different fixed income mandates. One will focus on investment grade government bonds, two will focus on a mix of government bonds and corporate bonds including investment grade and high yield, while the fourth will focus on corporate bonds. A fifth mandate will be focused on convertible bonds.The mandates will run for three years, with a possibility of renewal for another three years. Interest parties have until 12pm CET on 10 March to send their offers. More information is available from the scheme’s, is a “cassa di previdenza”, a first-pillar fund for white-collar workers. It provides retirement and other benefits to employees of various sectors, including agricultural engineers, chemists, geologists and actuaries.Elsewhere, Enpapi, the €820m cassa di previdenza for nurses, will choose a new investment advisor between two Italian firms, Prometeia Advisor Sim and MangustaRisk. The value of the contract, which is being awarded under EU rules for public procurement, is around €385,000 plus VAT.Earlier this week, PKH, the NOK22bn (€2.4bn) Norwegian pension fund for health authorities, seeded a global high yield environmental, social, and governance (ESG) themed bond fund run by BlueBay Asset Management. The fund launch was prompted by a mandate from PKH for an ESG strategy for their global bond portfolio.Last week, Nottinghamshire County Council Pension Fund awarded Kames Capital a £300m buy-and-hold fixed income mandate that was designed to help the pension fund implement its infrastructure investment plans. Kames will invest the £300m in a portfolio of corporate bonds with a target yield of 1.25% over Libor after fees, “with the aim of providing periodic cash flow” to meet the pension fund’s five-year infrastructure investment plan.last_img read more

Why the game’s up for Sweden’s sex trade

first_imgThe Independent (UK) 26 March 2013Sweden’s innovative sex-trade laws criminalise clients, not prostitutes. The result: a 70 per cent drop in business.Sweden’s decision to reverse centuries of assumptions about prostitution and criminalise buyers of sex caused astonishment when the law came into force in 1999. As arguments raged elsewhere about whether prostitution should be legalised, the Swedish government’s simple idea – that the wrong people were being arrested – was new and controversial. Detective Superintendent Kajsa Wahlberg is Sweden’s national rapporteur on trafficking in human beings. When I meet her at her office in Stockholm, she recalls that one police officer from another country actually accused the Swedes of “Nazi methods”. Wahlberg acknowledges that many Swedish officers were sceptical as well. “There was frustration and anger within the police. People were chewing on lemons,” she says with a wry laugh.All of that’s changed dramatically since the law came into effect. “The main change I can see when I look back is we got the men on board,” says Wahlberg. “The problem is gender-specific. Men buy women. One of the keys is to train police officers. When they have understood the background, they get the picture.” She talks about why women end up in prostitution, citing research that shows a history of childhood sexual abuse, compounded by problems with drugs and alcohol.“They have no confidence in themselves. They’ve been left out and neglected and try to get all kinds of attention. This is not about an adult woman’s choice.” In the 1990s, the Swedish government accepted the arguments of women’s groups that prostitution is a barrier to gender equality and a form of violence against women.What’s remarkable is that public opinion, which was initially hostile, has swung round to this view; these days, 70 per cent of the public support the law. “We’ve changed the mindset of the Swedish population,” Haggstrom tells me. The change is visible among the older members of his unit. read more

RACIST REMARKS: Embattled Police Service Commission chairman faces calls to go

first_img 26 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! NewsRegional RACIST REMARKS: Embattled Police Service Commission chairman faces calls to go by: – March 28, 2011 Sharecenter_img Share Tweet PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Nizam Mohammed Monday faced increasing calls for his resignation after he made remarks over the weekend that were more people of African ethnicity in the leadership of the police, as opposed to their East Indian colleagues.“I am very disappointed in him, I know the guy well, I m disappointed in him. He has done a disservice to the Government and to the party by his conduct. I expect that my colleagues will deal with this matter but this hasn’t done us very well at all as a government,” said Works and Transport Minister Austin Jack Warner.Opposition Leader Dr. keith Rowley is to meet with President Professor George Maxwell Richards on Tuesday to discuss the issue.A statement from Rowley’s office said that  “Mohammed’s behaviour as chairman of the PSC has become even more untenable in the face of his reckless, self-serving comments which he made to the Parliamentary Monitoring Committee where he outlined for himself the task of redressing perceived racial discrimination in the Police Service”.The Opposition Leader said that Mohammed’s statements, made at a meeting of the Joint Select Committee (JSC) last Friday “disturb the moral of the Police Service but also threatens the social fabric of stability which has been the hallmark of our existence as a multi-ethnic society”.Warner, a senior member of the nine-month-old People’s Partnership coalition, said Mohammed, a former speaker of the Trinidad and Tobago parliament, should tender his resignation.“I would have thought that a man of his stature would have been more circumspect. If I were in his position and I had done that, I would have resigned.”“I feel offended because if you look at the history of the Police Service, you would understand that even in the old days when you couldn’t get people to work in the police service, we had to go to Barbados to get police officers to work here because nobody wanted to work in the Police Service and therefore what we have now evolved over time,” Warner added.The executive of the Police Service has also called on Mohammed to resign, describing the statement as “a deliberate attempt to frustrate our efforts and to create some division within the Police Service and of course, by extension, the national community.“We felt the statement by Mr Mohammed was insipid, at best. We thought it to be reckless, narrow and colloquial and really designed to make this country, and if I may use his words, ungovernable,” said executive member Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fitzroy Frederick.“We are saying that the President should call for the resignation or revoke the appointment of Mr Mohammed so that there could be some peace and tranquility,” he added.The Police First Division Officer’s Association also said it was disheartened by Mohammed statements.“This kind of statement would make whatever dissatisfaction that we may have about his appointment more vocal. We have tolerated these things in the past and thought that it is over, but this time, it has reached the very heart of our members.”Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has called on Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar to make a public statement on the issue.“The Prime Minister has a duty to the country to have done that and she ought to have immediately sought an audience with the President of the country to request him to immediately remove Mr Nizam Mohammed from the office of chairman of the Police Service Commission,” said Maharaj.“The neglect or omission of the Prime Minister to have acted on this matter since last Friday may give the impression that the statements made by the chairman of the Police Service Commission reflect the present agenda of her Government,” he said.The Congress of the People (COP), a member of the coalition government, has also distanced itself from Mohammed’s statement, warning there could be a rise in racial tension in the twin-island republic.COP chairman, Joseph Toney, has described Mohammed’s statement “grievously unfortunate”.“It is going to cause racial tensions to rise in the country and this is what we of the People’s Partnership are trying our best to get off of the political scene.“We cannot be having a head count. And where will it stop? Are you going now to the medical profession, the law profession, dentistry, the car parts industry? Where are you going to stop?“This is nonsense. It has to stop or else we would be very very divided as a nation and we would not progress as a nation,” he added.Source: Cana Newslast_img read more

St. Louis students raise money for hurricane victims

first_imgPhoto: (L-R) John Schrank, Jaden Peters, Jalyn Stenger, John MeerBatesville, In. — The students of St. Louis Catholic School have raised $812.90 to assist hurricane victims in Texas. The students finalized the fund drive on Monday, September 11.When the seventh graders heard about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to Texas, they felt compelled to help in some way. Each Wednesday, the SLS students attend an all-school mass, and they turn in an envelope that explains how they served God that week with either time, talent, or treasure.The seventh graders asked Mr. Moeller if our next all-school mass collection could be used to help hurricane victims. Mr. Moeller agreed and our amazing K-8th graders raised over $800 dollars!last_img

Barca to start Messi, Suarez, Griezmann in attack against Napoli

first_img The details are outlined on the front page of Thursday’s edition of Diario Sport, which claims that Griezmann has recovered from a fitness scare and will be available for the Champions League clash at the Camp Nou. It comes following a period where Blaugrana boss Quique Setien had been experimenting with a 3-5-2 formation in his club’s training sessions, as he looked for alternatives to cover the possible loss of the Frenchman.However, the report outlines how Setien will be focusing on attacking Napoli during the second leg of their Round of 16 tie, which will be played on Saturday. Loading… Read Also: Barcelona president replies Napoli counterpart over Covid-19 claimsIt is claimed that the Catalan giants will look to take the initiative in the first half of the tie and they are aware they must outscore their opponents, who would advance with a high-scoring draw.Barcelona are aiming to qualify for the quarter-final stage of the competition for the 14th year in a row.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Barcelona will play their 4-3-3 system against Napoli and will start Antoine Griezmann alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez in their attack.Advertisement Promoted ContentThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeTop 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time7 Gadgets & Inventions That Could Save Our Planet8 Addictive And Fun Coffee Facts6 Major TV Characters We Were Relieved To See Leaving The Show10 Phones That Can Work For Weeks Without Recharging7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseTop 10 Enemies Turned Friends in TV10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Dronelast_img read more