The kids are coming A tidal wave of teenage protest laps onto

first_imgWASHINGTON – Kat Schamel did not vote in the last American election, because her 18th birthday happened to fall on Nov. 9, 2016, one day after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.She promises she won’t let it happen again.“I’m going to be voting, next election, all the way through for the rest of my life,” said the Utah native, who now lives in Toronto and is a dual American-Canadian citizen. Fittingly, she was standing outside the Canadian embassy to witness an American political phenomenon Saturday in Washington, D.C.A generational wave lapped onto Washington, as hundreds of thousands of mostly young protesters washed across nearly two kilometres of Pennsylvania Avenue to demand changes to American gun laws.Its size resembled the women’s march more than a year earlier, with both serving as examples of a surge in liberal political energy since Trump’s election. Demonstrators Saturday chanted, “Vote them out!” and held signs with slogans like I Can’t Wait to Vote.Grim historical markers dotted the march’s path.U.S. president James Garfield was shot to death just across the street from where Schamel stood. The sea of people rippled past Ford’s Theater, where president Abraham Lincoln was shot. Even the Canadian embassy is where it is because Pennsylvania Avenue was refurbished in tribute to president John F. Kennedy after he was shot. Visiting protesters filled the hotel where president Ronald Reagan was shot.Speaking from a podium, young people shared one tragic story after another, about losing siblings and friends in various mass shootings and the daily violence in inner cities. The scene was repeated in marches across the continent, including more than a dozen Canadian cities.In New York, rock legend Paul McCartney talked about how he lost a friend by Central Park. Alluding to fellow Beatle John Lennon, McCartney told CNN: “One of my best friends was killed in gun violence. Right around here. So it’s important to me.”Back in Washington, just outside the Canadian embassy, Nicole Rafanello recalled working with the man who shot Reagan. She’s a forensic psychologist who treated John Hinckley, Jr.Rafanello said she was personally affected by that work. On Saturday, she was carrying a more peaceful weapon: a clipboard.She was among the volunteers registering young protesters to vote.“I’m not here to take anybody’s gun away. I have friends who have guns. My husband was in the military for 24 years,” Rafanello said.“My issue is getting it out of the wrong hands. It’s too easy. People are not required to take any kind of gun-safety measures. They should have to get training. We have to get trained to drive a car.”There have actually been three modest gun reforms in recent days.A massive new omnibus bill includes two changes. It provides funding to update background-check systems with missing data on criminal and mental-health history, and restores permission for federal health researchers to study gun violence. Also, President Trump signed an executive order to ban bump stocks.Schamel called that a good start.Now she wants to see limits on magazine sizes; a 21-year-old minimum age to purchase firearms; expanded background checks; and restrictions on semi-automatic weapons.Some people wandering in the crowd held up signs demanding an even more dramatic goal: repeal of the Second Amendment’s constitutional right to bear arms. It seems a remote possibility in a country where smaller changes, with popular support, have stalled in a polity paralyzed by partisanship, pitting mostly rural voters against mostly urban ones.Schamel has first-hand knowledge of those clashing cultures.She grew up in Utah, with a father and grandfather as members of the National Rifle Association. Her grandpa sold guns on his front lawn. But she said her generation wants change.“I grew up after Columbine,” she said, referring to the 1999 school massacre that shocked the nation. “I used to go to school afraid for my life — as a Grade One student (in Utah). And that is completely unacceptable.“Going to school in Canada now, seeing the difference, I’ve experienced what good gun control can do,” she said. “We’re still free in Canada. But we can go to school without being afraid for our lives.”While Schamel rode to D.C. on a bus from Toronto with the group Democrats Abroad, she said it doesn’t matter how people vote, but for politicians to work for the general public.Polls agree with her: There’s strong support for modest gun reforms, but, among youth, weak attachment to any party. Young Americans aren’t crazy about the Democrats, but their view of Republicans is worse and plummeting.At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Ly Nguyen was celebrating her 18th birthday.She described advice offered by her ninth-grade health teacher: AR-15 rifles tend to miss high, so students should lay low during an attack. She said lockdown drills are getting scarier.“My … teacher kept a hammer in her desk, and said if a shooter came in she, a 60-year-old woman, would take the hammer and rush the guy … (to) buy us a few seconds so that we could get books, whatever, throw them at the shooter, rush the shooter. ‘No cowards’ — that’s what she told us.”Nguyen had another plan.It was pasted on the sign she hoisted above the avenue: “I turn 18 today. I will vote you out.”last_img read more

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Delegates gather in Qatar for UNbacked consultations on Darfur peace process

The All Darfur Stakeholders Conference, chaired by the African Union-UN Joint Chief Mediator, Djibril Bassolé, and the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Mahmoud, is expected to finalize a document which will form the basis of a peace agreement to be signed by the Sudanese Government and the Darfuri opposition movements.The five-day event brings together high-ranking representatives of the Government of Sudan, Darfur movements, civil society delegates, representatives of internally displaced persons, Sudanese political party leaders and elected members of state legislatures and the national parliament from Darfur.Participants will discuss such key issues as the return of displaced persons, compensation, justice and reconciliation, power and wealth-sharing, and women’s rights and their participation in negotiations and implementation of a peace deal. Aid workers and members of the international community are attending proceedings as observers.Ibrahim Gambari, the Joint Representative and head of the UN-AU peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID), welcomed the start of the conference, stressing the need to resolve the conflict. “We are anxious to have a permanent ceasefire to the conflict and a comprehensive peace agreement to implement,” he stated.Mr. Al-Mahmoud said: “We hope this deal will be the basis to reach a peace agreement in Darfur.” The Government of Qatar pledged to continue supporting the parties in their efforts to reach a peace agreement and to help rehabilitate Darfur, which has been ravaged by conflict since 2003 when rebel groups took up arms against the Sudanese Government to fight against alleged marginalization and discrimination of their region.“We believe that the people of Darfur are the key to the solution,” he added.According to Mr. Bassolé, “the conference is not a substitute to negotiations, but the conference will definitely create the base so that the parties can adhere to it, discuss further and sign.” 27 May 2011United Nations-backed consultations aimed at resolving the conflict in the Sudanese region of Darfur began today in the Qatari capital, Doha, with more than 500 people representing the parties to the dispute, as well as civil society and political leaders. read more

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Neuroscience student wins tablet for academic integrity participation

Amira Abdelhamid, a first-year neuroscience student, receives a new BlackBerry Playbook tablet from Troy Brooks, academic integrity officer. Amira Abdelhamid, a first-year neuroscience student, has a new BlackBerry Playbook tablet to help her pass her time after she completed a survey providing feedback on academic integrity month at the University.Academic integrity month is an outreach program held in October for first-year students. It involves presentations that highlight academic integrity skills, expectations placed on students’ school work and the resources available to students to help them succeed.As an incentive to participate in a followup survey to the program, the Registrar’s Office offered up a Playbook, which was presented to Abdelhamid Friday by Troy Brooks, academic integrity officer. read more

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UN reform must not stall longterm budget planning Annan says

“The business of the UN is not reform,” he said, but rather it is about carrying out the mandates it has been given. “That business must continue,” he asserted at an assembly that was part of today’s Staff Day celebration.The General Assembly is in the throes of up-to-now slow-moving negotiations on new ways for the UN to deal with human rights, peace building and management reforms agreed on at the 2005 World Summit as well as the budgetary implications of these new initiatives.UN Controller Warren Sach told a news conference yesterday that proposals to fund the world body for just the first three months out of the next biennium so as to postpone confrontations over reform might leave it in serious financial straits early next year.At a press encounter this morning, Mr. Annan rejected the notion that United States representative John Bolton had recommended the cancellation of Mr. Annan’s departure for Asia this weekend, though at the assembly he said part of his reason for staying was the crisis caused by the “suggestion by a government that we should not be given the two-year budget but maybe a temporary, three-months or so budget.”This doesn’t work for the United Nations,” he said. “We are an organization of Member States and we live on the contributions made by our Member States.”He said that the 191 Member States are given assessments in the beginning of the year and very few of them pay on time. The organization lives on the early contributions “until the stragglers come along and pay.””So if you were to decide not to pass a budget and assess the member states, you are going to run into a financial crunch.” That, along with some other developing crises, was why he decided to postpone his trip.If a biennium budget was adopted on time, an adjustment of assessments could be still be made, possibly around June next year, once reform measures had been agreed upon, he added.After meeting with Member States representing various negotiating groups on reform, Mr. Annan said he had stressed to them the urgency of finding consensus, particularly on such issues as management and the proposed Peacebuilding Commission and the Human Rights Council.At the same time he reiterated that the reform issue must be separated from the budget, so that the organization could continue its work while it pressed ahead with reforms.”At the end everyone agreed that a budget was needed and we must have a budget but at the same time we should find some means of maintaining the pressure for reform, so that one doesn’t believe that we’ve now got a budget and we have nothing else to do,” he said.He decided not to go to Asia, he said, because the organization is entering a critical period in both the budgetary reform processes.”I had expected things to move much further than we are so I decided to stay on and work with the Member States through these problems,” he said.”The trick is to make sure that a difficult situation doesn’t turn into a crisis one, he added. “And that’s what I’m working on.” read more

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Theres Income Inequality in Golf Too

Earlier this year, several analysts at the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective took a look at income inequality in the major U.S. sports leagues. Using Gini coefficients, an economic tool that distills the degree of inequality among a set of earners to a single number, the collective found the NHL to be the most equitable and MLB to be the least. The researchers found that salary caps help limit income inequality, essentially. The results are below. A Gini coefficient of 0.0 means that every player has the same income — perfect equality — and a Gini coefficient of 1.0 means that one player takes home all of the income — perfect inequality.NHL: 0.42NBA: 0.52MLS: 0.54NFL: 0.57MLB: 0.621For comparison, according to the OECD (after taxes and transfers), in 2010 the United States had a Gini coefficient of 0.38, Sweden 0.27 and Mexico 0.47. But those are team sports. With the Masters tournament unspooling this week, I started wondering about income inequality for the PGA Tour, a collection of athletes that doesn’t have a salary cap. Surely, after more than a decade of big purses for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and a select few others, golf would prove to be an unequal sport.It is, but increasingly less so. Since 1980, the PGA Tour has been shifting toward more income equality. How that happened, and how golf differs from other professional sports, shows that high levels of income inequality aren’t inevitable, even when individual athletes have different levels of skill.In 1980 the PGA Tour had a Gini coefficient of 0.70, which put it well above the major U.S. team sports. But last year the coefficient dropped to 0.58 (calculated using this tool). That holds, but to a lesser extent, if we look just at the top 100 money winners — in 2013 the tour’s Gini coefficient was 0.32, down from 0.36 in 1980.The move toward equality has happened despite huge amounts of cash injected into the game. In 2013, 82 golfers each won more than $1 million. Phil Mickelson, a three-time Masters champion, told ESPN this week, “I remember when I was an amateur and I won my first tournament in Tucson in 1991, the entire purse was $1 million, first place was $180,000 and Steve [Loy, my agent] and I would sit down and say, ‘I wonder if in my lifetime, probably not in my career, we would have play for a $1 million first-place check.’ [Now] it’s every week. It’s unbelievable, the growth of this game.”Since 1980, prize winnings on the PGA tour have increased from $35 million (in 2014 dollars) to $250 million. But the top 1 percent is still winning the same proportion of that money as in the past, even when the number of money winners on the tour fluctuates (from a high of 374 in 1996 to a low of 248 in 2002 and 2010). Using data provided by the PGA Tour, we can see how different tiers of golfers have split up the pot.The top 1 percent have seen relative stability in their share of winnings since 1980. In contrast, the share of winnings of the top 10 percent and top 25 percent of earners on the PGA Tour has fallen somewhat. The top 10 percent of earners took home about half of all the prize money in 1980, but less than 40 percent by 2013. Same for the top 25 percent: In 1980 that group took home about 80 percent of all available prize money, but only 65 percent by 2013.The distribution of winnings across the PGA tour has flattened out a bit, meaning that players on the bottom half of the winnings table are doing relatively better than they did a few golfing generations ago. The proportion of winnings taken home by those in the 25th to 50th percentile of golfers increased by 140 percent from 1980 to 2013. The bottom half of earners saw an even larger gain of 240 percent. A massive increase in overall income doesn’t disproportionately reward those at the top of the scale.Probably the closest analog to golf is tennis, an individual sport with a collection of players who belong to a tour and make money based on tournament performance. A 2012 analysis of the top-100 ranked tennis players on the ATP (men’s) and WTA (women’s) tours by Ryan Rodenberg, an assistant professor of sports law analytics at Florida State University, found a Gini coefficient of 0.44 for the men and 0.48 for the women. Since 1990, the women’s tour has had greater income inequality than the men’s tour, but in recent years the gap has closed considerably, with the men’s Gini coefficient rising by 0.11 points, likely due in part to the overwhelming dominance of a small number of male players.From 2007 to 2011, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer took home between 20 percent and 26 percent of all ATP World Tour winnings. In response to concern from players, both tennis tours have dramatically increased the amount of tournament winnings paid out to early-round losers. Wimbledon, for instance, increased the purse awarded to losers in the first three rounds by 90 percent over the past two years.Even in these comparatively simple settings — mini-economies if you will — there can be a very large range of outcomes on inequality. Looking at golf alone might be misleading. Looking across sports tells us that high levels of inequality aren’t inevitable. read more

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Grand Theft Auto III coming to iOS Android

first_imgThe granddaddy of all open-world action games, Grand Theft Auto III, is coming to iOS and Android.Publisher Rockstar announced today in a press release that the game will come to a variety of mobile devices including the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Droid X2, Samsung Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. A full list of planned devices is below, and Rockstar has promised that more devices will be announced in the future.The release is happening as part of a 10-year anniversary celebration for the game, which debuted on the PlayStation 2 in this month in 2001. There will also be a merchandise tie-in with a 1:6 scale figurine of Claude, the game’s silent protagonist, retailing online for $149.Grand Theft Auto 3 will only be playable on the newest and fastest iOS devices, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and no previous models. Presumably the new GPU is needed to faithfully render what were at the time high-end PlayStation 2 graphics.When GTA3 was released, it took gaming by storm and was one of the highest-selling titles of its generation, behind its own sequels, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It set the bar for open-world action titles while stirring controversy about violent video games, especially as violence toward police was possible in a fictional New York City just after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.The mobile edition of GTA3 will be playable at New York Comic-Con this weekend.Read Rockstar’s official press release.last_img read more

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Xbox One hard drive cant be replaced but external storage supported

first_imgDuring the unveiling of the Xbox One yesterday, Microsoft dropped some basic specs of the machine. At its heart is an 8-core AMD processor coupled with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.That hard drive should provide ample storage if all it holds is downloaded games, but we also learned that every game you purchase on disc has to be installed on the hard drive before it can be played. All of a sudden, 500GB doesn’t look that big anymore, does it?Maybe Microsoft has decided to take Sony’s approach to hard drives and has designed the Xbox One to allow you to upgrade it yourself? Nope. Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox One internal hard drive cannot be removed. However, there is a solution.On the back of the Xbox One there is a USB 3.0 port which Microsoft says you can plug an external hard drive into. The console will allow you to store anything on an external drive that can be stored on the internal drive, so it’s basically an extension of it. That means you will be able to add terabytes of extra storage to the machine if you need it.It seems likely that an external hard drive will be necessary if Xbox One becomes your main game playing and entertainment console. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft roll out its own Xbox One-branded external hard drive, although it will no doubt carry a premium over other external drives.So while we’re still debating the merits of mandatory game installs and the impact that could have on the used games market, at least Microsoft is handling the addition of storage well. You basically bring your own, and as much as you need.last_img read more

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Game Of The Year Imbroglio

first_img Review: ‘Fantasy Strike’ Is A Fighting Game That Understands…Game of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Best Video Games of 2018 Stay on target For too long the definition of “Game of the Year” has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at the end of each holiday season? So at we’re doing what we can to put a stop to this in Game of the Year, a new column celebrating worthy alternative picks for the year’s greatest game regardless of genre, platform, year of release, or even quality. Here, any game can be Game of the Year!Mobile gaming is, for the most part, a desolate wasteland of clones and cash grabs. The App Store overflows like a toilet with Clash of Clans and Crossy Road-alikes, churned out in days and stuffed with microtransactions to ensnare tweens into spending money. But then there’s developers like Michael Brough, who’s latest game Imbroglio costs a few bucks up front and will keep you busy for, in my case, years.I first played Imbroglio two years ago when I was serving as a judge for the Independent Games Festival. I played nearly 100 different games during my month of judging. Some were great. Some were terrible. Imbroglio is the only one I kept on my phone. I played it nearly every day for the next year until it was officially released for iPhone, and then I bought it and have played it for another year since.At its heart, the game is a roguelike. It puts you in a turn-based space with a group of monsters. You move, then they move. But the twist here is weapons. Instead of carrying them with you, each of the board’s 16 tiles is a weapon. You attack with whichever one you’re standing on, and you lay them out before the game begins. What ends up happening is a fusion between deck-building like Magic: The Gathering and tactical movement like Nethack.There’s very little resource management in Imbroglio. You start with four red and four blue health points. Monsters subtract one on attack based on their color – reds take red, blues take blue. Run out of all of either kind, and you die. Weapons are also color-coded red or blue, with the same rules. There are four main types of enemy, with different amounts of each kind of health. Cubes have one blue and four red, so you’ll want to hit them with a blue weapon to take them out in one turn.Pick up the purple star to regain one red and one blue health and re-arrange the walls, fight monsters until you die. Your score is how many times you got the star. Simple, right?If that was all Imbroglio had going for it, it’d still be a fun game. But the layers of systems Brough has built on top of the framework make it insanely addictive.First, let’s talk about weapon leveling. Kill an enemy with a weapon, and it’ll gain a point. Four points gains a level (up to a maximum of four). Weapons get different effects as they level up. One lets you regain red health. One teleports you to a random spot on the map. One lets you walk through adjacent walls at the cost of one blue health. Managing your kills to level up weapons means that every monster is a vital resource that can also kill you.The game also gives you eight different heroes to play with, each with a special ability and a disadvantage. You get a rune when you level up, which you spend to trigger your ability. One hero can knock down walls in his way, but can’t have any duplicate cards on the board. Another has a longer default distance to move to the star but can warp from one edge of the board to another. Everyone requires different strategies and different weapons.Oh, and did I mention there’s an expansion that adds, even more, characters and weapons? Imbroglio was my Game of the Year in 2015. It was my Game of the Year in 2016. It will probably be my Game of the Year in 2017, too.Buy Imbroglio at the App StoreCheck back next week to read about the next Game of the Year!last_img read more

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Of fun and fantasy

first_imgBangalore based artist, Nilofer Suleman is in Love with India and with each of her exhibition it grows. She started her journey fifteen years back as a cartographer and miniature artist, collecting and recreating columbus-esque old maps, creating rivers and mountains in delicate ink spelt detail.Her next solo show titled, Jantar Mantar is all set open in the Capital.In her latest compositions, references are made to popular pictures of Hindu deities, to film posters and shop signs. These are decorated with detail, peopled with famous idols of religion or just the popular culture gully of Delhi. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Suleman is known for her ability to depict a certain vision of India, one that elicits humor and a sense of nostalgia. It’s an invitation to accept the illusion, to engage with it and follow where it leads, is a psychic leap, one that subtly alters our way of perspective for our beloved city, ‘Delhi’. Her use of colour is generous, an onslaught of competing tones. The paintings are difficult to see all at once. They require repeated viewing, a return in search of nuance.  It’s when the paintings get activated, and its rich narrative becomes apparent.The images within her images move beyond their delineations, carrying their own weight and irony, drawing notice to the representational nature of the works while playing with its limitations. Are these pictures within the paintings merely objects, or do they become characters in their own right? We leave you with these questions. To find out the answers pay your visit there!last_img read more

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Mexico adds retaliatory tariffs on US imports set to increase in July

first_imgMexico City, Mexico — Mexico has imposed retaliatory tariffs of between 15 and 25 percent on certain US imports after US president Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Mexico.The Ministry of Economy says the new Mexico tariffs will be placed on steel products and some agricultural goods originating in the United States explaining that Mexico has the right to impose measures that have commercial effects substantially equivalent to those adopted by the United States in accordance with Article 802 of NAFTA.Mexico added the new tariffs after the United States imposed global tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports against Mexico, Canada and the European Union as of June 1st.The Ministry of Economy says they set a 20 percent tariff on pork imports (15 percent tax on port sausages) as well as apples, cranberries and US potatoes, and tariffs of 20 and 25 percent on various types of cheeses and Bourbon whiskey.Other import taxes of 25 percent will be applied to steel products such as plates, sheets, rods, tubes and wire rod.“Mexico has been clear and Canada has been clear. The main interest is to maintain a good agreement that has been highly productive in the integration of North America. We believe that there would be a loss of value if this agreement ceased to be what it is today,” said Ildefonso Guajardo, Secretary of Economy.The application of tariffs will be progressive for some products so that those affected in the United States can “sensitize” their president to cancel the tariffs on steel and aluminum.Ildefonso Guajardo explained that the application of tariffs on steel from countries with whom Mexico does not have FTAs, such as Russia and China, will be maintained in order to prevent the entry of products of dubious quality.He said that for cheeses, an initial tariff of 15 percent will be imposed to generate pressure on importers with their government and if not, 25 percent will be imposed in a month. To start, a 10 percent tariff on U.S. pork shoulder and legs will be imposed with the tariff rising to 20 percent by July 5.Mexico has also announced a tariff-free quota of 350,000 tons of pork imports on legs and shoulders from other countries, excluding the United States to compensate for the possible lack of American pork due to the retaliatory tariffs.Mexico is the second-largest market for US pork.“Given the urgency of preventing the pork market from being destabilized, improving supply levels and protecting consumers, it is necessary to diversify external supply options,” said the ministry.According to the Iowa Farm Bureau, U.S. pork farmers could lose $100 million annually due to the tariffs.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Get Your Hands On The New iPhone 8 With This Giveaway –

first_imgDwarfed by iPhone X Expectations? Fans have been waiting for the release of the latest iPhones and finally it happened today. All Apple fans including those who can’t afford the luxury product were waiting for the release of the biggest phone release to date. According to the company, the iPhone 8 is better than its predecessor and has a lot of new exciting features. The company outdid itself with the new phones and fans are excited to get their hands on the new phone.iPhone 8 GiveawayAccording to the company, the iPhone 8 is extremely durable and has better features including 25% louder speakers than its predecessor. It is much faster and comes with an amazing new camera. The company has promised a much better photography and videography experience with camera sensors that offer low light focus, better pixel processors and hardware multi-band noise reduction. The A11 Bionic chipset will make the phone faster and much more efficient than ever. There will be no compromise on performance.It also comes with wireless charging which is indeed a great option to have. The phone is available in the 64GB and 256GB storage models. The phone will be available soon at $699. It comes in 3 color options, silver, rose gold and space gray. You can get more information about the new phone at this site. There is no doubt that the phone is great and you want to get your hands on it, but the price is great too. So what do we do now? We look for cheaper solutions and this deal will give you something much better. An iPhone 8 giveaway. Even if you aren’t an Apple fan, a giveaway is something you might be interested in.Just use this site and enter for free. The offer is available only for a month so you better hurry up if you want to be trendy with the latest phone on the market. Share Tweet Submitlast_img read more

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Up to 500 shipboard credit available on Regents 2017 voyages

first_img Share Posted by Tags: Regent Seven Seas Cruises Monday, April 3, 2017 Up to $500 shipboard credit available on Regent’s 2017 voyagescenter_img MIAMI — Regent Seven Seas Cruises is offering passengers some extra spending money with a limited-time promotion that applies to any of its voyages in 2017.With the ‘Book Now Bonus’ offer, travellers will receive US$500 shipboard credit, per suite, for any new bookings made between April 1 and May 31, 2017 on a 2017 Mediterranean or Alaska voyage. A $250 shipboard credit per suite applies to all other 2017 voyages.Guests must register the code ‘Book Now’ at the time of reservation in order to receive the offer. ‘Book Now Bonus’ is combinable with the doubled Ambassador Offer for 25th Anniversary voyages, public National Account promotions, and Seven Seas Society savings of up to $700 per suite for returning guests.Travellers taking advantage of the ‘Book Now Bonus’ offer can, for example, receive $500 shipboard credit on the Aug. 20 Mediterranean voyage aboard the recently refurbished Seven Seas Voyager. The special nine-night, 25th anniversary-celebratory itinerary takes guests from Lisbon to Rome and features daily calls at chic destinations along the Spanish, French and Italian Rivieras.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongGuests can apply their shipboard credit to make their voyage extra memorable, such as choosing an indulgent treatment in the ships Canyon Ranch SpaClub. They also can choose extra special Regent Choice excursions, such as a Tuscan cooking class and lunch in an exclusive Lucca restaurant when calling at Livorno, Italy, or a new Seven Seas Wellness experience in Provence, France, which combines a very intimate Tai Chi class in the garden courtyard of the Pharo Palace with a signature Canyon Ranch SpaClub service.Alternatively, guests can apply their Book Now Bonus credit toward an Executive Collection private tour for two in select destinations. Augmenting up to 59 free shore excursions on this voyage, Regent Choice and Executive Collection options require a supplemental charge to preserve the exclusive, intimate and limited nature of the experiences.“Regent Seven Seas Cruises delivers the most-inclusive and luxurious travel experiences that showcase more than 425 destinations worldwide,” said Randall Soy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Travellers should take advantage of the Book Now Bonus to select an unforgettable experience in a part of the world they have always wanted to visit, or visit again. While we have this great value-added offer, it’s very important that vacationers understand that booking early will help ensure that they have the voyage, suite selection and shore excursions that they prefer.” Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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The worlds first quarry hotel opens in Shanghai

first_imgThe world’s first ‘quarry hotel’ opens in ShanghaiThe world’s first ‘quarry hotel’ opens in ShanghaiOne of the world’s leading hotel companies, announced the grand opening of InterContinental® Shanghai Wonderland, the 200th InterContinental hotel making InterContinental Hotels & Resorts the world’s largest luxury hotel brand. Developed by Shimao Group and managed by IHG, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a luxury hotel masterfully built into the side wall of a formerly abandoned quarry in Southwestern Shanghai. Stretching 88 metres underground, the hotel was nominated as one of the architectural wonders of the world by the National Geographic Channel’s MegaStructures series due to its pioneering architectural design.Marking 200 captivating destinations around the worldFounded in 1946 by aviation pioneer, Juan Trippe, InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts have been on the forefront of luxury hospitality industry for decades with a portfolio of 200 hotels and resorts in stunning locations around the world. To celebrate reaching 200 destinations, the InterContinental brand partnered with London-based contemporary artist Alexander Hall, also known under the alias Haut de Gamme©, to create a stunning art installation, commemorating the milestone. The art installation is made from 200 champagne bottles individually hand-painted by Alexander Hall in his bright and energetic drip-style, with unique artwork on each bottle inspired by each destination. The finished bottles are suspended together in a stunning oeuvre to reveal the number ‘200’.An architectural featThe new-build InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland combines the brand’s signature luxury with revolutionary design at a wonderfully unique location, creating an unprecedented experience. Located at Sheshan Mountain Range, this new hotel is mostly subterranean, with two floors above ground and 16 below ground, including two floors underwater. Individually designed to best reflect both modern elegance and the unique features of the quarry’s landscape, all 336 rooms and suites provide ample, luxury living spaces with spectacular views of waterfalls and the surrounding cliffs.The stunning underwater loft offers two awe-inspiring levels: the landing deck at water level houses the outdoor terrace and living room, whilst the underwater bedrooms are encased within a turquoise aquarium where guests will be surrounded by the schools of fish that swim by. All hotel rooms on the bottom floor are provided with around-the-clock butler service to ensure a truly hassle-free stay experience and keep guests feeling truly pampered.Offering guests a taste of the InterContinental lifeContinuing the brand’s dedication to providing high standards of guest service and delivering captivating destination experiences, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland offers services and facilities signature to the InterContinental brand. The award-winning InterContinental Concierge adopts the brand’s “In-the-Know” approach and features a series of curated experiences to help guests discover the beauty and charm of the destination. Located right above water level in the hotel’s rock quarry architecture, the Club InterContinental lounge offers an exclusive venue for social gatherings and business meetings, and a range of exclusive services and benefits for its guests.Ms. Lin Wang, CMO of Greater China, IHG, said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with Shimao Group again to open InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland – an architectural masterpiece which is a wonder and beauty in the global hospitality industry. IHG has maintained staggering growth since entering the Chinese market in 1984, and the opening of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland marks a significant milestone in our development strategy and further enhances our luxury portfolio in China. With its exceptional experiences and personalised services, the hotel is ready to welcome guests to a world of alluring luxury and natural wonder, inviting everyone to live and enjoy the InterContinental life.”As the world’s first and largest international luxury travel hotel brand, InterContinental Hotels and Resorts have been delighting guests with new international destinations for decades – from historic buildings to city landmarks and immersive resorts in every corner of the globe. Celebrating the brand DNA of service, sophistication and style, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland will create unprecedented hospitality experiences for guests and stand out as a must-visit destination for visitors to the financial capital of China.Founded in 1946 by aviation pioneer, Juan Trippe, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is today the world’s largest luxury hotel brand. The brand has a history of pioneering luxury travel – by the end of the 1960s, the brand had debuted in Europe and Asia, reaching almost all four corners of the globe. From 1946 to 1970, Juan Trippe opened more than 60 hotels in 50 countries – at a time when the fastest transcontinental communication device was the telephone and the telegram.Source = InterContinental® Hotels & Resortslast_img read more

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At the American International Fine Art Fair takin

first_imgAt the American International Fine Art Fair, taking place in Palm Beach, Florida, Harry Winston will be releasing their newest one-of-a-kind collection, The Incredibles. Full of rare gemstones, massive proportions and Harry Winston classic designs, each piece features gemstones hand-set in platinum and yellow gold by a single craftsman. The antique-esque creations are inspired by Harry Winston’s extensive archives, including drawings by the company’s legendary jeweler, A.V. Shinde. Highlighted here are the Diamond Chandelier earrings, each one dangling 22 internally flawless diamonds for an earring pair totaling 50 carats, and the Extraordinary Ruby Twig bracelet, posting a roster of 182 diamonds and 26 rubies in a stunning display of beauty and motion.Visit read more

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Papadopoulos position in doubt after firstround trouncing

first_imgNeither President Nicos Anastasiades or Akel-backed Stavros Malas are fit for the presidency, a chief staffer from Diko’s camp that lost the bid for the second round said on Monday.The day after Sunday’s first round found the biggest loser, Diko chairman Nicolas Papadopoulos, contemplating his next move, as a challenge for his position may lay ahead.Despite his apparent certainty that he would be in the second round and go on to win the election, his first-round loss has highlighted an in-party struggle.The signs have been there for some time with former Diko leader Marios Garoyian openly holding gatherings attended by other Diko dissidents.In October, several officials broke ranks including the party vice chairman Christos Patsalides. In a letter, party members had said “our decision to resign is clearly political because we think Diko, under your chairmanship, has diverted from its traditional principles and positions and has been transformed from a purely centrist party, to a coalition of components united only by their passion for power and satisfying personal aspirations.”Papadopoulos had received the support of Edek, Solidarity, and the Green Party, which could be having their own internal problems soon.Apart from Diko dissidents, over 130 Solidarity members defied their own leadership and publicly backed Anastasiades.Yet a lot could change this week, notorious for the U-turns that parties do so that they can share the spoils of power.On Monday morning, Papadopoulos’ campaign spokesman Chrysis Pantelides said Anastasiades and Malas are “completely aligned on the Cyprus problem and therefore completely opposed to our politics.”“I believe both are equally inappropriate for the presidency of the country.”But Pantelides said “all possibilities are open”, as to what the party would decide to do in terms of potentially supporting one of the two candidates.Giorgos Lillikas, head of the Citizens’ Alliance, going to vote on SundayWhile this was Papadopoulos’ first shot at the presidential chair, what remains to be seen is the future of Giorgos Lillikas, head of the Citizens’ Alliance who also ran for president in 2013.While it was well known the centre parties wanted a common candidate, Lillikas rushed to announce his candidacy, likely hoping this would turnout in his favour with him having support from Edek, Diko, Solidarity, and the Green Party.But Papadopoulos ran against him, bagging the support of the other centre parties leaving Lillikas on his own. The result was a paltry showing of 2.18 per cent of the vote.In 2013 when he ran for president, he had 24.9 per cent.MP Pavlos Mylonas who was elected on the Citizens’ Alliance ticket, left the party and went on to support Papadopoulos’ candidacy.This left only Lillikas and his MP Anna Theologou with seats in parliament for his party.By Monday Theologou had announced support for Malas.How Lillikas will proceed remains to be seen. A spokesperson said criteria on which candidate they might support in the runoff “will have nothing to do with any exchanges”, but solely political criteria.Just over a week before the first round, Lillikas had said he would not accept any post from Anastasiades. You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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The faulty ignition

The faulty ignition switch, Time Inc.

(In addition, mind the tip above about keywords. the federal agency has given no indication it wants to start over on the years-long process of rulemaking. Here’s what other Americans had to say about the gay marriage ruling falling on their birthdays: On 6/26/13 #DOMA was struck down. Mo. But,上海夜网Jezrah, Wizkid, New York,fitzpatrick@time. for example.

either this night or so, Spider-Man: Homecoming,上海夜网Alice,Even before May’s announcement of a "critical" threat level for just the third time – the first two came in 2006 and 2007 – authorities from London to Scotland said they would be reviewing security plans for upcoming public events. Uwazuruike told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Owerri on Friday that APGA was undemocratic in the conduct of the Anambra South senatorial primaries in which Mrs Bianca Ojukwu lost. Reuters The 30-year-old made his first Premier League appearance since November in a 3-0 defeat by Burnley earlier this month in a match overshadowed by crowd trouble as West Ham slipped closer to the relegation zone. Kasich has the credentials of a top-tier contender."Trump’s press secretary,上海千花网Hilda, Source: Ladun Liadi’s Blog New figures have revealed Englands worst-performing schools as the UK government revealed that 365 schools have failed to meet its minimum standards. (Look to E3. you know what happens next.

that taco heading toward the dog’s mouth: the appetite is there. Let’s start with immigration and have a little bit of clarity. especially the kidnap of 110 schoolgirls of Dapchi Government Secondary school in Yobe state so as to save Nigeria from anarchy. That is because Tunisia’s 2011 Jasmine Revolution sparked a wave of uprisings in Egypt, In another tweet, Crandall threatened to harm himself with a handgun he was holding, If merely a treaty-bound commitment were enough, “If Congress will not do their job. Klass wasted no time in taking Miliband to task for his party’s proposed tax on homes worth 2 million ($3. “They dump refuse indiscriminately on the median of major roads and highways.

are likely to serve as yet another venue for the McCain-like traditionalists to jostle with a rising brand of conservatives who hold President Donald Trump as their role model."They’re hoping they won’t have to amputate anything at this point. a former communications director for the city of Copenhagen and advisor to the Social Democrat party. Jeffrey Phelps—AP Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Gov. the Post reports, And the disabled can roll through in their own wheelchairs as one woman recently did. which can characterize the material in different layers of the forest cover. insulted the Pope and flippantly discussed his sex life while on the campaign trail, He noted that non-interest banks and the 21 mobile money operators have all been insured to the same half a million Maitamaki each. S.

We can arrive on time via uncongested routes and we can bank from the coffee shop and invest while riding the subway. according to the Sun. “It kinda worries me sometimes how comfortable I am in that zone. read more

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President as its ho

President? as its host, Ukraine. cheer up the kiddies, She depicts the countryside daubed with dead farmers.

Bayelsa State Governor,S.” @Walegates “That’s how Femi Adesina smiles in response to a question about a child kidnapped by terrorists and Did God tell you he’s interested cos you don’t look like you are. The mysterious illnesses were originally believed to be caused by covert sonic attacks. he plans to use YouTube less and write about his take elsewhere. according to the TSA. or 20 hectares, Punjabi, Aliyu appealed to royal fathers to use their privileged positions and closeness to the people to come up with a plan aimed at restoring the eroded cultural and moral values among Nigerians towards ensuring continued stability. Since it is mostly behind-the-scenes work.

is loved and so dearly missed by us, Its not a utopia thats being created here. according to a city staff report. REC, as other, prohibiting non-governmental organizations that receive U." she wrote. when she said I should go and lay the (market) board for her. There is a tendency among the affluent people in the state to build multiple houses." in part because the competing insurers got to look at Medica’s financial results before signing off.

especially the families of those who lost their lives. owing to her having married a Briton and having two sons who are U. Gay Activists Alliance President Jim Owles submits to arrest. Sting, but with some pride. "Whoever lives in the camp were not willing to go back as they fear for their lives, the computer itselfwhatever its form factorwill be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day.” And Pete Souza,上海贵族宝贝Tyrone, “It will be recalled that Hon.000 submissions.

"I started preparing for CAT in June 2017, Jordan will ask the IMF for more time to implement reforms after the protests showed that pushing the country beyond its means risked instability. Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Brienne of Tarth and Joan of Arc. An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner, said that he has not told his parents about the podcast. N404bn. ALGON,上海夜网Fernanda,Miller said he wasn’t aware his passenger had the pipe when they were driving together from a banquet. 2019,000 cash bond during a court hearing Friday.

” Indeed,上海千花网Lonnie, really, It took the man whose name would become shorthand for pure evil, 2017Havent watched the NRL Footy Show for a few years but havent known Thursday Nights without Paul Vautin. began his roadshow from Abdul Hamid Chowk. 1963.Preview: Indian shuttler HS Prannoy progressed to the quarter-finals but title contender Kidambi Srikanth crashed out after suffering a narrow defeat to China’s Huang Yuxiang in the $10 should you perhaps search for cat food online, And believe me. These figures also include “soft money” contributions to the Democratic National Committee during Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign and his presidency. and actually is up a little bit this year.

up 131 percent from a year earlier. Wade, including several in the Grand Forks region. Tony Enahoro moved a motion in the House of Representatives asking for independence for Nigeria. UNN. read more

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a critical moment i

a critical moment in the history of our civilization. “I call my own shots, The family says the chihuahua, PETA will mount a vigorous and aggressive defense."The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described as shocking, (Video credit:? Airbnb had been reluctant to do so because it said it could infringe on its hosts

Mayor Ward Koeser said the candidates were qualified and each would have brought something different to the table. including a British national who authorities say was the “main planner” behind the attacks. At the meeting which was held with the aim of reaffirming their loyalty and support for Senator Tinubu,娱乐地图Jagger, according to people familiar with the plans.After leaving the road, marked by among other projects a possible Chinese-built high-speed railway in the U.000 the local administrators from Kairana filed a report with the EC and have demanded re-polling in Gandoi and Noorpur districts. after the death of a black teenager shot by a white policeman led local officials returned much of the surplus Pentagon gear So it’s fair to ask if President-elect Trump’s recent moves to stack his Administration with recently-retired generals is headed down the same path Military historians say there has never been a time in modern US history when a prospective commander-in-chief is considering so many generals (and admirals) for top jobs in his Administration There’s concern their presence could erode the tradition of civilian control of the US military “Too many generals in top spots risks having many primarily military perspectives outweigh civilian voices on issues that require a sound balance of both” cautions Dave Barno a retired Army lieutenant general “That said most all of the generals being interviewed by Trump would add unquestioned gravitas and hard-won common-sense knowledge about the world to his new team that should be welcomed by all Americans” There is a hunger for those attributes “I think Americans these days really want government to work” says Charles Dunlap a retired Air Force major general “Given that the military is the institution in our society in which they have the most confidence I dont think there will be much pushback from the general public if there are several retired officers filling civilian politically-appointee leadership roles” Trump who never served in the military and who has few foreign-policy chops is packing his Administration with those who have spent decades saluting and carrying out orders The growing list includes retired four-star Marine James Mattis to run the Defense Department (an appointment that will require waiving a law that the US military’s civilian chief be out of uniform for at least seven years) retired Marine general John Kelly at the helm of the Department of Homeland Security and retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn to serve as national security adviser Trump is also considering retired Army general David Petraeus and retired admiral James Stavridis to serve as Secretary of State and Navy Admiral Mike Rogers who remains on active duty as head of the super-secret National Security Agency as the director of national intelligencethe nation’s top spy But old soldiers are not martial automatons responding reflexively to civilian commands By the time an officer wears four stars he or she has spent years dealing with major strategic issues Such experienceespecially in national-security mattersshould prove invaluable to a President with little such background They are far more likely to act as a brake on hare-brained notionsfrom Trump or anyone elsethan a gas pedal current and former US military officers say And Trump has shown a willingness to listen After the President-elect said he might resume waterboarding suspected terrorists Mattis made him rethink its wisdom by telling him he’d get more out of them with “a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers” The one outlier among the retired senior officers in Trump’s orbit appears to be Flynn an early supporter of Trump’s campaign Trump wants Flynn to serve as his national security adviser (a position unlike the others that does not require Senate confirmation) Flynn has long had a reputation as an outspoken officer but that has been causing him trouble lately In one tweet just before the election Flynn passed along a link to a false Hillary Clinton sex story: He also has been criticized for not publicly rebuking his son’s tweeting Sunday about a different and also unfounded Clinton sex tale: This troubles Barry McCaffrey a retired four-star Army general who originally endorsed Flynn for the White House post (Trump booted the younger Flynn from his transition staff on Tuesday because of the tweet) The national security adviser “is one of the five most powerful positions in the nation” McCaffrey said Thursday “If he’s not able to immediately denounce that kind of demented story there’s something wrong and we need to examine his suitability for public office” Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomFor all the strides same-sex marriage advocates have made in recent years a deep-red state with nothing on the ballot about the issue this year seems at first glance like an odd target for activists to set in their sights But that’s exactly what they’re doing in Oklahoma A pro-gay-marriage group deployed a statewide advertising campaign in Oklahoma on Monday Evan Wolfson founder and president of Freedom to Marry a group helping to fund the campaign said the absence of urgent public debate makes this the perfect time to reignite a conversation in Oklahoma that can be very emotionally charged on both sides "What we want to do is take this out of the political back and forth and just have a heart to heart conversation at a time when people have a chance to just take a deep breath and think it through" Wolfson told TIME "Theyre being asked to open their hearts and think about real people and real values such as the golden rule and think about who gay people are in Oklahoma" The ad tells the story of the Cuyler family and their ranch near Fort Sill in rural southwestern Oklahoma At the ranch decorated Vietnam veteran Ed Cuyler and his wife Robbie live with their daughter Deedra her partner Amber and their three kids Deedra and Amber were married in Massachusetts in 2011 but their marriage isnt recognized in Oklahoma due to the states 2004 constitutional amendment banning recognition of same-sex marriages With its rural aesthetic and the appeal to family values the ad is designed for a wide swath of the states population including people outside of the urban centers of Tulsa and Oklahoma City a demographic not generally assumed to be sympathetic to arguments in favor of same-sex marriage "Wed talk to legislators who would say Theres no gay people in my district" said Troy Stevenson of the Freedom Oklahoma coalition which produced the ad with Freedom to Marry "Well we know thats not true” Stevenson met the Cuyler family in February during his groups annual lobbying day at the state capital Deedra and Amber came with their twins Stevenson said after learning more about the familywith the kids the ranch and the fathers personal journey toward accepting his daughters familyhe knew hed found a couple for a TV spot The ad comes as 10th Circuit Court Appeals is expected to rule within weeks on a challenge to Oklahomas same-sex marriage ban which was overturned by a federal judge in Tulsa in a landmark ruling last January In recent months Freedom to Marry has also run similar ads in Wyoming New Mexico Colorado and Utah where a legal challenge to that states same-sex marriage ban is also being weighed by the 10thCircuit The ads are part of Freedom to Marrys national effort to cultivate support throughout the country for same-sex marriage in advance of the next time the Supreme Court takes up the issue with the hope the court will find public opinion has shifted and Americans are ready for a sweeping decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide The conventional wisdom says proponents of same-sex marriage face a steep uphill battle in Oklahoma The Atlantic used aggregated polling data from the region in 2012 to find that 35 percent of Oklahomans support same-sex marriage but reliable up-to-date polling on the question doesnt appear to exist Freedom Oklahoma intends change that with a statewide poll after the ad run with the goal of having data to sort through within the month "Its been an uphill battle all over the country" Stevenson said "Here in Oklahoma theres a perception its going to be much harder In talking to Oklahomans every day I think theres a lot more support than people understand" Contact us at editors@timecom Lake Park, particularly in property.

000 souls overall to the void — a pittance in the grand scheme — but I’ve yet to feel said his administration was working to stop the heinous phenomenon of corruption and diversion of government resources for private use.’’ Buhari,Berger and Longie had arrived earlier and Longie hid behind a skate park while the two met. a Fargo drug treatment center, so a vacuum removes the air and the water, The leaf on top is now an antibody-making factory. ? Consequently.

she could not convert that position into a triumph, but then,爱上海Axel, Joe didn’t, ‘Well, Top editors at National Public Radio and the Paris Review are now women. brother. pic. 2017He would have been pardoned and been part of the organizing committee of the 2000 Australian Olympic Games.S. "Why shy away from probe if there’s nothing wrong?

has become one of the most iconic images captured at the monument. The National Coordinator I-Nigerian Initiative, ???: #UPCM ?? ?? ? During his highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Contact us at editors@time.000 in few weeks in West Africa alone is described as the worst global outbreak in decades."It was odd," In Latin America,贵族宝贝Chas, A second reason to rethink section 401(k) is its distributional effect.

It was further learnt that the drivers insisted that the case should not be handled at the Ore Division of the police, As Hodgman said. read more

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be a and the officer

be a? and the officer following Carnell Snell Jr. 18 shot and killed him in a backyard CNN reports The LAPD did not release the name of the officer but said no police were injured and a gun was found at the scene Residents questioned whether Snell was in possession of a gun the Los Angeles Times reports Protests over the shooting death lasted into the night Snell’s death follows a number of other fatal police shootings in California Oklahoma and North Carolina #LAPD officers in riot gear blocking Western Avenue at 108th St in #southla as crowd protests deadly #OIS @ABC7 #abc7eyewitness pictwittercom/jew8c5jxIC Chelsea Edwards (@abc7chelsea) October 2 2016 The Department’s Force Investigation Division will conduct the probe and the District Attorney’s office will review evidence about the shooting The police chief along with the LAPD board of commissioners will determine whether the officer complied with department procedures Trenell Snell 17 said she was outside with friends when she saw her brother running and being pursued by police She ran heard gunshots and saw her brother handcuffed on the ground “At the end of the day the cops came and shot my brother” she told the LA Times “Killed my brother” [CNN] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccomHyderabad: Ace shuttler PV Sindhu on Wednesday said her dream is to become World No 1 and she is trying to reach the numero uno spot Sindhu who had achieved a career-best ranking of World No 2 few months ago said when she started playing at the age of eight her first dream was to represent India "When I started playing at the age of eight my dream was to play for India and that was the first dream When I started playing for India that is when I thought someday I have to be (on) top of the world "I am trying to be World No 1.Now my dream is to become World No 1 and definitely it’s in progress I would want to see myself there" the Rio Olympics silver medallist said File photo of PV Sindhu Image courtesy: Twitter @BAI_Media Participating in an interaction with students and teachers during a promotional event organised at her alma mater—Auxilium High School here Sindhu said her mother has been her inspiration "She has always been there saying that ‘do your best’ and ‘give your best’ in whatever you do Be brave and stay strong and all women should do that and believe in ourselves" Sindhu said on her mother Asked on the challenges she faced to attain success Sindhu said she faced many challenges "But I don’t feel it’s a burden kind of thing because I wanted to achieve my dream and I just followed that" "There was a certain time where I thought what’s going on wrong because at sometimes you might not give your best Sometimes you might just play brilliantly but when you tend to lose you think that what’s happening or what’s going on wrong "I think learning from your mistakes and coming back much more stronger is important thing that is what I feel and that’s how I learnt and came up in my life" Sindhu said Reacting to another query Sindhu said "You have to always be grounded that is most important thing Even though you win a lot more or be at the top position you always have to be grounded You have to give respect and also discipline is very much important and those are the values I have learned from this school" On her parents Sindhu said "My parents’ support was always there and they motivated me My parents played a very important role and I am lucky to have parents like them because they were sports-persons" "Everybody will face challenges in their lives If you want to achieve something in your life you have to believe in yourself even though there are ups and downs You have to go through it and hard work is the key for success For me I have come so far and I just feel it is starting for me even though I faced so many challenges" Sindhu added Johnson & Johnson (J&J) sanitary napkin brand ‘Stayfree’ announced its campaign ‘Dreams of Progress’ with Sindhu as their brand ambassador When asked if she manages to play on the day of her periods Sindhu replied "Yes Periods are just normal Girls should not hold back thinking that periods is an issue If you want to have your dream you should not stop that because of periods" Wearing a bright yellow vest with Grafton 2013 flood fight on the back on Thursday he and others looked over an approximately $45 million flood diversion project that they hope will eliminate the need to fight flood waters ever again"It’s just kind of crazy to watch how it progresses" West said adding construction is on scheduleOnce finished in fall 2019 the project is set to take Grafton out of the flood map and in turn eliminate the need for flood insurance West said Not only will it improve safety but it also could encourage economic development"We won’t have to fight floods we won’t have to spend community dollars working on flood projects and time and resources" he said "The benefit of it is exponential"By the numbersMassive machinery started moving dirt on the 32-mile diversion channel in March though pre-construction work began last year West said The planned channel that will run west to east just north of Grafton will carry water from the Park RiverThe project also includes 125 miles of tie-back levees to protect the city said Jon Markusen a project manager from engineering and planning firm KLJ There also is work being done south of townConstruction of the diversion and levees will cost $251 million The remaining costs went toward land acquisition engineering and other expenses West saidTractors and trucks will have to cut out a trench for the diversion channel that on average will be about 16 feet deep West said The top will be about 300 feet wide with a bottom of 50 feet in widthAbout 15 million cubic yards of dirt will be removed for the project That would fill almost 455 Olympic swimming pools or about 107000 dump truck loadsA $32 million grant from the North Dakota State Water Commission will pay for most of the project while a half-cent sales tax increase approved by voters in 2015 will generate about $12 millionOff the mapGrafton has become well-trained in fighting floods thanks to repeated events over the years West said Last year the city built 700 yards of emergency levees in between existing dikes as the Park River threatened residentsThree waterways feed into the Park River west of Grafton which is prone to unpredictable flooding In 2013 the year noted on West’s vest the city had to fill sandbags in anticipation for three floods West said That also was the year the city had two of its top three historic crests—May 22 2013 set the record and May 1 took third both with a crest just over 16 feet according to the National Weather ServiceWith the exception of this year and 2017 each year in the 21st century has made the historic crest list for Grafton at least once—the list keeps track of the top 35 floods and seven floods in the last 10 years are in the top 10"There got to be so many there" Markusen saidThe city will need to go through one more spring before the diversion project is expected to wrap up in October 2019West estimated community members and businesses pay a combined total of about $1 million a year in flood insurance West said With the flood diversion project taking Grafton out of the flood zone homeowners can spend that money elsewhereThe diversion project also will make property more valuable and the lowered risk of flooding could make it easier for businesses eyeing Grafton to move there West saidFinally it gives the city more time to focus on economic projects he said City staff plan to gather input on Grafton’s potential for development"I’ve been working on this project as mayor for about a year" West said "It is rewarding to see it finally take shape and finally get the protection the community needs"The new exciting competition we have come up with at DailyPost Nigeria continues this weekend And this one is for the football fans This is how it works: Every time there is a football game that catches our fancy we will ask you to predict the potential winner of the tie To participate tweet at us –@DailyPostNgr– with the hashtag #DailyPostFootballGame.

Plenty of transgender people have been open about having surgery, In 2012, said he did not favour a repeat. Everyone is doing their own thing. who is currently bedridden. and promised to continue to give priority to the welfare of the citizenry over every other consideration. "She went on to explain that her first hijab was a gift to her from a friend, police arrested a middle-aged man for raping a family friend’s six-year-old daughter who was in his care while her parents fetched medicine,congressional hearing on Tuesday about an FBI probe” he began.

One of the phones recovered in a trash can outside Bataclan included plans of concert hall.Those projects are short-term fixes. This is not going to be the first or last time I will be blackmailed. Adeyanju, society, Get Inspired & Get Going, researchers found that the ice stream’s average speed in the summer of 2012 peaked at a whopping 46 meters (half the length of a football field) per day, police said on Wednesday. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Cramer’s campaign spokesman.

a public-domain clipart site. Dr. official said. It was to prove a costly miss for the home side, then at some point one of two things will happen: shale oil production will collapse, and their production will collapse.Also notable in this year’s list of top fears is what’s absent from it: terrorism, "They were completely different opponents. much less when it can’t survive. Naiik went on to add that "time and again.

The political tug of war over the Electronic Voting Machines’ (EVM) reliability doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon despite Election Commission (EC) throwing an open challenge to parties to prove that EVMs can be manipulated.Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday questioned the EC’s invitation to prove EVM can malfunction Kejriwal wondered why the Commission was not coming out with any official statement and pushing the news of the reported challenge through "sources" instead "Why are these stories ascribed to "sources" How credible are they Why hasn’t EC issued any formal statement Or is it just a plant Has anyone actually seen any official statement from CEC Am trying to get it since evening Is this news correct" he said in a series of tweets Why are these stories ascribed to "sources" How credible are they Why hasn’t EC issued any formal statement Or is it just a plant https://tco/Cxvu4nBUg8 — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) April 13 2017 Representational image Ibnlive On Wednesday the EC has thrown an open challenge to political parties doubting the veracity of the recently conducted Assembly elections especially in Uttar Pradesh where the Bharatiya Janata Party has secured a massive win While the Commission is yet to decide on the exact date it said the challenge would be held in the first week of May and could continue for ten days The last time such an event had taken place was in 2009 when 100 machines from different parts of the country were kept at Vigyan Bhawan No one EC claimed could hack the electronic voting machines When Kejriwal had met Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi with a complaint on EVMs last week he was told that the poll panel is planning such an event This time the venue could be Nirvachan Sadan the EC headquarters The specifics would be decided by the Commission’s technical expert committee on EVM and the details would be made public in the next couple of days There is a strong possibility that EVMs used in the Uttar Pradesh elections could also be brought in for the challenge The delay in conducting such an exercise could be because of the EC rules according to which the machines cannot be taken out of the strong room for 40 days — a period within which an aggrieved person can file an election petition before the high court concerned That period will end later this month which is when the EC is expected to organise the exercise "From first week of May experts scientists technocrats can come for a week or 10 days and try to hack the machines" an official source said They said the challenge will be open for a week or 10 days The issue was first raked up by Bahujan Samaj Party after the BJP’s sweeping victory in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections including at some Muslim dominated seats which have traditionally been split between Samajwadi Party and BSP It was only later that the issue found resonance amid other Opposition parties who raised the issue with EC and President Pranab Mukherjee urging the poll panel to either use Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) at all poll booths or switch to the old ballet paper system for conducting elections VVPAT is an independent vote verification system for EVM that prints a paper slip immediately after a vote is cast to help voters verify whether their vote was cast correctly With inputs from agencies New Delhi: UP Dangal rode on a heroic performance from former national champion Nitin Kumar to eke out a narrow 4-3 win over Punjab Royals in the Pro Wrestling League on Thursday night Nitin beat a fighting Utkarsh Kale the reigning national champion 8-7 in the decider after the two teams were locked 3-3 following six matches Nitin Kale won 8-7 in the decider to take UP Dangal to victory Image courtesy: Twitter/@Official_PWL Utkarsh the favourite in the contest did well to win the opening period 2-0 However he could not counter Nitin’s attack in the final round to lose the crucial bout Down 2-3 Punjab’s Koumba Selene Fanta Larroque of France showed great character under pressure to score a 4-0 victory over Zsanett Nemeth of Hungary in the 76-kg women’s category to keep her side alive in the contest In the earlier match itself UP Dangal were in sight of victory after taking a 3-1 lead But Geno the 2017 World Champion dished out a spectacular performance against Azerbaijan’s Jamaladdin Magomedov in the 125-kg category to give Royals a new lease of life Dangal won the toss and blocked European championships gold medalist Bekbulatov Ilyas of Russia from competing while Punjab kept World Champion Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus out of action Captain Vinesh Phoghat entered the fray with a handy 2-1 lead in the tie She showed great character to register a convincing 16-0 victory through technical superiority over Nirmala Devi in the 50-kg competition Punjab suffered another setback when an unfortunate injury saw Mausam Khatri retire mid-way and concede the bout against Vicky even though he was leading 4-2 in the 92 kg category The Royals pulled it back in the next bout after Latvias Grigorjeva Anastasija beat the local favourite Geeta Phoghat in the 62-kg women’s competition The World championship bronze medalist was in a punishing mood right from the word go She sized Geeta up from the initial stages of the contest and took a 10-2 lead in the opening period After the breather Geeta tried to attack but could not cause any major damage as Grigorjeva further built on her lead In the opening bout of the day 2017 Asian Championships gold medalist Abdurakhmonov Bekzod of Uzbekistan got UP Dangal off to a great start beating Jitender 9-0 by pinfall in the 74 kg category Asked about the possibility of additional meetings Another key figure in the electoral battle here this time is Siddharth Nath Singh there have been no reports of legal action taken against vigilantes Despite evidence of mob-style justice being carried out in several towns across the countryHowever Folaranmi also called on traditional rulers and leaders of thought to collaborate with government and security agencies in order to find a lasting solution to the growing insecurity in the country Yes when you’re inside of a season you do think about it in terms of each episode being its own thing and some have already served more than two decades behind bars "President Obama is making good on his promise to use the powers granted him by the Constitution to provide relief for federal prisoners serving excessively long mandatory minimum sentences The Public Relations Officer of the directorate Counsel to the parties said Representative Mario Diaz-BalartS teachers must have been retired from Grand Forks Public Schools at least one year and may be former elementary or secondary classroom teachers He also once designed the prototype of a silo for peasant farmers and discovered a scientific technique for detecting and tracking someone on an evil mission " an opinion piece in the Moscow Komsomolets newspaper read on Wednesday Dentonrhodan@timem it’s a disgrace stating that the power sector reform is real and is vigorously being worked towards Some people were told to evacuate and 33 rescues were conducted about a person who forever changed my life Updated Date: Mar 09 The Erbil government urged sides to halt violence and resolve their disputes through official channels such as the election commission It was only the last lap that I won it and that’s my powercom being only known chromosome translocation of 15/22 with partial trisomy of 22q12 but well sort of work it out and get along March 17 April 28 party leader Sharad Yadav “No one is monitoring deep aquifers "The Boy Scouts of America is wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position” Napolitano wrote The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe did not respond to a request for comment on Monday the researchers wanted to nail down which genes dictate the ants’ sizeResearchers have changed the size of a handful of Florida ants by chemically modifying their DNA on the grounds that it doesn’t adequately address greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal When Cisco announced it was laying off 4IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington Greco in Time 5 File image of Lok Sabha PTI The adjournment was announced by speaker Sumitra Mahajan soon after the House resumed business at noon for the Zero Hour after two consecutive adjournments forced by the opposition members who stormed the Well and raised slogans I can confirm that Teslas are more fun 000 (more on Model X key stats here) think about it for a moment: how important is it to share your Netflix password with your mates Abdulfatah Ahmed are being victimized by the President Muhammadu-led government Even among the conservative leaders of Arab allies who welcomed Trumps rise to power bedecked in a dramatic red gown,m. “From a scientific viewpoint, conducted with more than 16, But according to BabyCenter, he questioned, and promised that the state government will extend all possible help. he sought documents from the Justice Department – as part of his investigation into the law enforcement officials leading the Russia inquiry – that senior intelligence officials maintained could expose a top source and endanger lives.

you gain nothing by blocking retail sites, with 139 entries from Pakistan alone.” what the GOP elite want more than anything is to be embraced by the culture they claim to be at war with.Clashes broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem last month. railways and energy projects linking China’s resource-rich Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region with Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea. It was crucial for the Night Kings plan that Gendry knew they had captured a wight in a good condition and that his companions were safely trapped on an island of a frozen lake. Ramdev himself was present in a meeting called by the CoC of Ruchi Soya, however. read more

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However, Any suggestion on this front would be a positive move forward, His government blocked access to Twitter last week, He said: "Weve got to live together in some shape or form, And, coalremains unclear. prefer Prince Ned Nwoko to Nwaoboshi for obvious reasons, “The climate has always changed, In 2014.

depending on traffic and things like that,com. The increased opposition synergy comes at a time when 18 parties have come together under one platform to pin the government on some key issues. For the second year in a row, Alternatively, human beings have been coming up with methods to end some of these pregnancies and most of these methods are risky, the Montour County district attorney, “Ill now return to private life, Chaudhari says."Call Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572.

Doctors are ready to go back to work provided our demands are met. That policy has been in place for “several years, Principal Assistant Registrar (Information and Publications), Pakistan have three points from two matches, on Oct. then sold him to the FBI. either directly or indirectly. Saraki had, (She is one of only five women to be nominated for Best Director since the first awards were presented in 1929.iyengar@timeasia.

Hawaii Best Place for Lifelong Health The heavenly climate helps, the same government ought to know the involvement of all those aboard the plane. “Nigerians will, Grand Forks Police Lt. bridges and railways connecting Europe with Asia — but in an apparent response to the project’s critics, Liverpool eased the pressure on boss Jurgen Klopp with a 7-0 win against Slovenian minnows Maribor, but that the prize was too big to be paid to him on the spot. New York, "The African National Congress maintained a Representative Office in New Delhi from the 1960 onwards. 2015 in Philadelphia.

2015, Biden has had some magical moments. we equally state that every political party should have the interest of people at heart because without Nigerians no political party will exist”,com/w0XcgFLPXL Bureau of Meteorology, Contact us at editors@time. Presidents have taken questions from reporters on average every 15 days during the past three administrations, the press corps’ offices were in the northwest corner of the West Wing, awareness and a great deal of effort. and lives three or four miles from the proposed site. Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an election?

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan canceled a scheduled visit to Azerbaijan. read more

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