Baby giraffe gets the most perfect Star Trek name ever

first_img Star Trek We are excited to announce that Niara welcomed a male calf, Neelix on 1/6! The newborn calf will have access to the exhibit yard when weather permits. #ABQBioPark #NeelixTheGiraffe #NewBaby #ItsABoy— ABQ BioPark (@abqbiopark) January 17, 2019 Share your voice Enlarge ImageNeelix seems to be fond of food, just like his namesake. Albuquerque BioPark The Albuquerque BioPark zoo in New Mexico has welcomed a knobby-kneed baby giraffe. He has big eyes, a punkish hairdo and lots of little spots around his head. His name is Neelix. TV and Movies Neelix seems to have a fondness for food, which fits well with his namesake’s personality. Giraffe keeper Kelsey Carrillo says in a video that the zoo staff was able to lead him around by luring him with leafy browse. Giraffes are herbivores that nibble on leaves and twigs.Neelix will be staying indoors with his mom until the Albuquerque winter weather warms up. After that, he’ll have a chance to explore the strange new world of the zoo’s outside giraffe habitat. Star Trek fans know Neelix, played by Ethan Phillips, as the mostly Talaxian alien from Voyager who loves to cook as part of Captain Janeway’s crew. Just like the giraffe, he sports a punkish hairdo and lots of little spots around his head. (Disclosure: Voyager airs on CBS, parent company of CNET.)BioPark officially announced the calf’s birth and name on Thursday. He arrived on Earth on Jan. 6 to mother Niara. The BioPark says his keepers gave him the Star Trek name.center_img Star Trek treks on Comment Tags Star Trek turned Robert Picardo into a giant science nerd NASA educates Captain Kirk on weird blue light in Mars photo 1last_img